July 7, 2010

Hot 11: Sooner Defensive Campers Shine

The Sooner Hot 11 is a SoonerScoop.com ranking, compiled by associated editor Josh McCuistion. Generally it's a ranking of the top players from each Oklahoma Saturday but this time we're putting a different spin on things and having a look at the best defensive performers of the 2010 Sooner summer camp. While the offensive side was loaded up front only three defensive linemen made the list while a bevy of defensive backs found their way onto this edition of the Hot 11.

11. Derrick Luetjen, Defensive Tackle - 2012
Analysis: Luetjen came in as something of a mystery, some thought he could be a tight end, others an offensive guard, but Luetjen spent his time at defensive tackle and looked really solid while he was there. He isn't the biggest tackle out there but was somewhat reminiscent of Chris Littlehead from last year as just a very active and disruptive type of force at the position. It remains to be seen if Luetjen can play with more weight and still keep that explosiveness.

10. Brandon Carter, Cornerback
Analysis: Carter came in and looked the part of the raw cornerback prospect that he is. At times he struggled and later in the morning session he moved to wide receiver and the confidence that came from a few big plays seemed to really push him towards a better afternoon workout. Carter made a lot more quality plays in the afternoon and really seemed to take well to the coaching of Willie Martinez through the day. If he can improve that much in a day there is no telling what he could do with a few years of work under his belt.

9. Anthony Morgan, Cornerback- 2012
Analysis: There were a few defensive backs who tried to play more physical than Morgan but none really mixed the ability to cover with the press style of coverage better than Morgan. The big defensive back with long arms and a huge frame could end up playing safety in the college game as he continues to fill out. That being said, he just may be the kind of athlete who can play as a Bobby Taylor style cornerback.

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