June 24, 2012

What did Tray say?

ATLANTA - Tray Matthews admits it. He kind of likes the idea of having fans of several college football programs hanging on his every word.

No, it's not in a braggadocios way. The four-star safety and Georgia commit is humble and well-mannered, not only in person, but also in the social media, where on Twitter he's closing in on 3,000 followers.

"It's fun and I see how many Georgia fans there are on Twitter because they're always writing me," Matthews said Sunday. "I love it; I'm not going to lie. But you still got to watch what you say. I always stay respectful. I don't say cuss words on there. I just try to keep it real, show where I come from and just have fun."

Although he was just a by-stander for Sunday's final day of the Rivals Five-Star Challenge, Matthews had plenty to say as he watched his friends on the Southeast team take part in the 7on7 competition, not only about his recruitment but that of Alabama commit and good friend Reuben Foster.

"Everybody trying to tell me to come to Auburn, but you know, I'm still committed to Georgia," Matthews said, as he watched Tiger commit Earnest Robinson haul in a long touchdown pass.

Matthew admits he's giving the Tigers some thought.

"Everybody's talking about the Dream Class. It's really between Georgia and Auburn now," Matthews said. "I thought at one time it was going to be between Georgia, Auburn and Alabama, but really, it's Georgia and Auburn now."

Matthews then offered up a little nugget that's likely to get tongues in two neighboring states wagging.

The Newnan safety has spoken publically in recent weeks about he, Foster and running back Alvin Kamara continuing their careers on the same college team. Sunday, Matthews indicated Georgia and Auburn might be the teams to beat.

"The way it seems, Reuben, and all these other players, all they talk about is how it's between Georgia and Auburn for them," Matthews said. "I'm not going to say me, because I'm committed to Georgia."

For the record, Foster stated during the three-day Rivals Challenge that he remains committed to the Crimson Tide.

Matthews was asked directly if Foster could possible flip.

"It's possible, it's always possible," Matthews said coyly. "Like I said, it's between Georgia and Auburn."

What would the Bulldog have to do to get him to Athens?Matthews said Foster's biggest attraction to Georgia is defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, who spoke with the linebacker extensively a week ago during the Mark Richt mini-camp.

"It's just his coaching style and the way he sets up his defense. But he's like a family man. He talks to us about football, but also about family events. He's just a friendly person, and that's what guys like Reuben likes," Matthews said. "Sometime he doesn't want to talk about football, because trust me, we all get tired about it. What most people don't know, he's (Foster) a real family guy, and he really doesn't have any family around him except for me and a couple of other people. My parents have been a mother and father figure to him."

So, what does the future hold?

"We can kind of sway him to Georgia," Matthews concluded. "Y'all will see."