January 9, 2008

Jeffers plans on adding speed to Tech's offense

Though Mike Leach's high octane offense is known for its receivers and quarterbacks, anyone who is truly familiar with the offense knows that for it to run on all cylinders, a great running back is needed.

Tech thought they had found their man in Shannon Woods last year, but Woods' stellar sophomore campaign was followed by a dismal junior year marred by attitude problems that culminated in being sent home from the Gator Bowl for a violation of team rules. So, Red Raider nation will now look toward Aaron Crawford, Baron Batch, Kobey Lewis, and 2008 commit Harrison Jeffers for the answer at running back.

Though the duo of Crawford and Lewis had its bright spots throughout the last half of the season, the running back spot was less than dominating in the Gator Bowl. Jeffers watched the game and offered his thoughts on Tech's performance.

"Yeah, I watched the game," he said. "They didn't play very well in the first half, but then we got a lot better in the second half. It wasn't great, but it was good enough to win."

After watching several games this season, Jeffers has started to think about what exactly he can bring to the table next season.

"I just want to get down there and bring a whole new element to the field," he offered. And just what element might that be? "Speed."

Jeffers' speed is well documented and having run several sub 4.4 forty times over the last year, his reputation as a speed demon is well deserved. One of the things he envisions his sub 4.4 speed allowing him to do is return kicks.

"I really want to return kicks and that stuff," he said. "I like the excitement. It's the first play of the game and I like having the ball in my hands in that kind of situation."

The four-star prospect has plenty of experience returning kicks and has even taken a few to the house over the last three years.

"I did it the whole time," he said of returning kicks. "But there aren't a whole lot of stats and stuff because no one would ever kick to me. That was a little frustrating, but I guess it's a compliment too."

However, regardless of what he's asked to do by Tech's coaching staff, Jeffers says he's just glad to be on board.

"I'll do whatever the need me to do," laughed Jeffers. "I just want to do whatever I can do to help the team. That's why I'm lifting weights and getting ready in whatever way I can. I just want to make an impact."

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