February 5, 2008

Jeffers: Give me the football

The 2008 class is about to be put to rest when Tech officially adds at least 16 new prospects to their roster. Perhaps the most colorful and animated individual that will be inking tomorrow also happens to be one of the highlight members of the class. Four-star running back Harrison Jeffers has taken a good look at his fellow classmates and has some interesting thoughts about them.

"We got beasts in that class," said Jeffers. "It's all good. They can win. Real (Texas) Tech fans know who they want and real (Texas) Tech players know where they want to be. Everybody is fast, quick, and can play ball from what I see."

One of the prospects that Jeffers is referring to happens to be former teammate Cornelius Douglas.

"Little do they know, they have one speedy little demon in Cornelius Douglas. That's a playmaker right there! Picture him being like Danny Amendola except he can run faster."

The Oklahoma native feels comfortable with the idea that he has a good friend going with him to Lubbock.

"I was happy when I found out he was going to Tech. He and I were supposed to be playing ball together for the last two years but I couldn't transfer schools. He and I should've been teammates already. But look out because he's quick and he can move. He can do stuff like I can. He can make people miss. He can make people look dumb, like I can. He actually learned that from me."

And of course part of the reason that both Jeffers and Douglas will be signing tomorrow with the Red Raiders is because of the encouragement of Lawton head coach Randy Breeze

"Coach Breeze was a father figure to me. He worked me out my sophomore year and we just became close and he helped me out. He even asked me if I wanted to be in his wedding and I said 'yes'. But all he let me be was an usher. I should've been the best man! Then the day after the wedding he sent me to the OSU camp," laughed Jeffers.

It was then when Breeze attended a Texas Tech coaching clinic last spring and Jeffers had instructed his former coach to let Red Raider running backs coach Seth Littrell know that he wanted to be a Red Raider. Jeffers said that even though it was early in the recruiting process, it was an easy decision.

"It was really the first offer and also, I like red and black. Actually, I love red and black. I don't like my school because it's baby blue. I just like red and black. I got a whole bunch of red and black clothes."

It's good to know that Jeffers will already be fitting into his surroundings when he shows up to campus in June. And don't be fooled by this shifty back's playful attitude because when it comes to the game of football, Jeffers is serious about winning.

"I want to the ball. I want to make some plays. I want to win the Big 12 conference Championship. I want to win the National Championship. That's my mentality, to do my best. I'm going to take the pressure off Crabtree. They're going to be making songs about me, not Crabtree," laughed Jeffers.

What is Jeffers looking forward to the most about heading to Tech?

"Most definitely the workouts with Bennie (Wylie). I'm looking forward to seeing how much he's going to push me and see if he's as hard as Coach Breeze."

In the mean time, Jeffers knows that the reality of the situation is that he'll have to compete with some very talented backs if he wants to get early playing time.

"If I had a chance to play on the first or second team then yeah I want to play. But if I'm behind that, then redshirt me so I can play with people in my own class of '08 because I know most of them will probably get redshirted, too. But I would love to be able to play."

So, any final words for Red Raider fans before signing on the dotted line tomorrow?

"Tell them 'guns up!' And get ready to ride in 2008!"

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