JayhawkSlant - Beaty QA as fall camp nears
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Beaty QA as fall camp nears

The football season for the Jayhawks officially gets underway this week when the players report. David Beaty answered several questions on where the team needs to go and looking back at successful days of Kansas football.
How would you describe how far you are and where you want to be?
It's a big distance. There's no doubt about it. That's why you've heard me talk about the process and foundation so much. I tell them get more with the process, because the process is the key. It's about the process. Our process right now is our foundation and the foundation we're not going to sacrifice.
One thing that we all have to do is get in. Every one of them has to meet the standard. If you can't meet the standard you don't have to go but you can't stay here. It's just the way it is because if we don't do that we aren't going to get any better. We're going to be exactly the way we are. It doesn't matter who we are
I watched coach Mangino raise the standard here. When he did these kids achieved. They will reach the standard that you provide. That's why that strength guy is so important. I've watched coach (Je'Ney) Jackson and it's amazing what he does with those guys. Any of those guys that have had success around here, they will all talk about how valuable their strength guy is and the standard that they set with those guys cause when they hand them over to us ... that's who we have. He's already put that in them mentally that's ready to go physically.
It seems like one thing that you've got going for you is the understanding of the mountain you have to climb. Are you at the point where on-field results not being the end all be all?
We are no different than these other people. We have high expectations. We're not going to skip a step but we are not okay with mediocrity. And we're not just going out there and competing. We're going to compete at a high level. That means you're competing to win. It's not okay for our seniors -- ex. Ben Goodman -- to leave here with anything less than we could possibly give him.
For us while we understand it's a big job we are not listening to those excuses. We don't care about that. We are focused on what we have and not what we don't have. I know this ... being a good disciplined, sound, hard playing, smart football team has very little to do with talent.
You can get better really fast when you value possessions and take care of the football. And you get the ball out and you steal possessions. You can get better really fast when you're the best in the conference at the four core special teams. You can get good really fast. You can become a lot better when you are very disciplined. What I mean by that it's a very cliche word. Well yeah you want to be disciplined but what does mean to you? To us it's being the least penalized team in the conference (offensively and defensively). Do not give them anything. Make them beat us.
And then we want to make sure we don't hurt ourselves. We have to be good enough to not hurt ourselves. We can't go backwards. I tell them all the time just don't go backwards ... we'll be alright. Kliff Kingsbury taught me that. He told me that all the time in that first year ... just don't go backwards. Listen- don't go backwards and we'll be alright, and he was right.
Talking about the success of team's in the past like the Orange Bowl squad and using examples from that time with the current players
Well at first I don't know how much it was relevant to them, but we have put those guys in front of them so much now they remember and respect it. We've started putting pictorial aspects in front of them and live bodies. Every time I have one of those former players come to practice they are speaking to our kids. It's those same kids that helped us get to where we were.
Dexton Fields came to practice and spoke for 15 minutes and it was powerful. It was powerful. When those guys talk about their love and appreciate the hard work to get to that. It's always about the hard work and there is no secret. The secret is that there is no secret. That's how we got there ... we outworked people. As many of those guys as we can put out in front of them that's what helps demonstrate what it takes.