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Beaty talks about learning under Mangino

Kansas head coach David Beaty talked about what he learned under former head coach Mark Mangino and much more during his Big 12 conference call.
What Beaty learned coaching under Mark Mangino:
We keep in touch as much as we can and obviously we are very busy. I have a dear spot in my heart for Coach Mangino and not just him but his family his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. They are a terrific family and they gave me an opportunity when I'm not sure I even deserved it. He saw something in me that I'm not sure I had seen in myself. He made a huge impact on my coaching career not only as a coach but as a man too. The things that he taught me have stuck with me today and will always be one of those guys I am grateful for.
He taught me there is always another level to push to. He always did a great job of guarding against complacency. We paid such attention to detail with everything that we did with our players and what he did with us as coaches he made me a better coach. I really had to focus all day, every day on everything to make sure that I was efficient for our players and team. That's the biggest thing I learned from him. There is an innate part of us as humans that want to be complacent and he taught me that you can't do that and not allow that to happen.
Will the road game experience help?
With travel and the road games approach the thing that I was pleased with it was a business trip for us. We want to keep it as similar as a home game as possible and not let anything that be a distraction. We had lots of opportunities for distractions to occur but they handled it well.
We have to come away with a different result and get a win. The next stage is get to the point where we go on the road and win a game. This week we have to continue and keep stressing to be a smart team and that will be a key to wins. We have to take care of the ball and take away when we get opportunity's. We have to continue to play well on special teams and help ourselves in that area. We're going to play some talented guys in our conference.
On the quarterback position:
That is another area I think we improved on this week. The reason we improved is because it was the next man of mentality. One of them didn't even practice on Friday morning. I walked into the training room and Montell is not doing well and the good news is we had been competing for two weeks at quarterback. The next man up is Deondre Ford and I thought he did a pretty good job early on in that game. Montell prepared like a pro and that is one of his good qualities and a good attitude. When we needed him he had that helmet in hand and went out there. From an efficiency standpoint he played one of his best games.
This week Deondre Ford is going to be out so Montell will be starting and Ryan Willis has to get ready for the backup spot. Those guys are still going to compete this week all the way through the walkthrough. They're no different than the rest of the team.
On how Ryan Willis has progressed:
Ryan is continuing to develop. In our press conference after the game there I said is a clear separation between Montell , Deondre and Ryan. He's not completely developed yet. Ryan is going to play football for us this year and we already have packages in place for that. The opportunities in the ways we're going to use him need to present themselves. With Deondre out he's going to have to continue to develop from the whole schematic standpoint and when his opportunity and number is called I know he will take the challenge and continue to move forward.
On the emergence of Tyler Patrick at receiver:
He is that the poster boy for the "Earn It" mantra that we have here. He is a guy that started out on the scout team the first week. We had some guys and depth a receiver and he didn't have as many opportunities in the fall as he did in the spring because we were training new guys. I think that's maybe were he got lost in the shuffle. But he is a great example of how you keep chopping wood and showing up.