Bonus coverage from Big 12 media day

Here is bonus coverage from the Big 12 media day from Charlie Weis. He was asked several questions outside of Kansas football. Here are some questions and answers from Dallas.
On Kliff Kingsbury's road to head coach at TT/ Patriots took Kingsbury in '03
He's very cerebral in the passing game even when he was a young guy because that's what he was born into. He was born into a passing game philosophically then he was a team guy with a very, very good work ethic.
And so if you're a high upper level thinking in the passing game with a good work ethic that's a team guy that gives you a good chance.
What do you think about seeing him (Kingsbury) on the other sidelines in the same position next fall?
It's funny because we sat down out there while we were in Arizona and talked a bit cause he's one that I'll say things to him even though I say things to him to help him be successful I want to beat him but that's not the point.
I think what you do is when you have people that have been in your lives that you give guidance to … you might say 'what the hell is a guy that is 1-11 giving guidance?' (laughing) but I've been around for awhile when things are good and when things are bad and how to handle different situations. When it's your first go around especially at a young age it's not all rosey popular to public opinion. There are things that come up that will make you say 'oh my goodness' and he's fighting that in his social life to start off with. He can't go anywhere as I tried to explain.
What did you think what Stoops said about the SEC?
Nobody asked me. I was asked there at the time shortly after by David … I was asked shortly thereafter at a speaking thing down in Texas. It really didn't read the way I answered it but I'll tell you what I said.
I said look if you look at the numbers in what he's saying it's tough to argue what he's saying. All he did is went on record and said look at the records of the top six teams versus the bottom teams in both leagues. That's all he said. I don't think all he said was out of line. I was in the SEC. I get it. They won a bunch of championships. If I'm in the SEC right now I don't care what anyone in the Big 12 says and I'm sure they're not.
Bob has been one of those more reputable coaches in this league for quite some time is stuck up for his league. And say look it in one league you've got every team except for Kansas going and playing in a bowl game and in the other league you've got a bunch of teams that aren't doing so good. And I think that it was totally blown out of proportion because when he said it if all you did was look at the stats and that's all he was saying. You know it's funny because I was asked- I'm a stat guy- and I can understand why he said it. Next thing you know I'm jumping on the table … who cares what I have to say? I'm 1-11. Who cares what I have to say? I'm the 1 out of 10 that didn't go to a bowl game. I mean all I was saying is if you just look at the stats … what did he say that was wrong?
That's all he was saying and that's all I'm saying.
(Follow up) You know though that SEC football is a religion for those people down there and those folks looked at it as a knock on their religion?
But most guys (most coaches) they could care less just so you know. I think if you asked Nick (Saban) what Stoops said I think he would care less. I would think that the least thing he is worrying about is what someone from the Big 12 says.
I think he's worrying about trying to compete for another national championship. I think that's what he's worrying about.
On if a conference can make a run at the SEC
I think it's going to be like everything else. When you have that special team and that special year. That special year when you get a group of guys that kind of mesh together and all of the sudden you got that trigger guy that is a really good football player. Then all of the sudden everything kind of comes together.
I think that however it is this year really doesn't have a lot of influence on how the next year ends up. All it does is give the prognosticators a bar to go ahead and make their early columns.
Because all of the sudden someone goes down and that next guy comes in and he's no good… your whole season changes. So we are seeing those things … injuries or antying else that comes into play. Anything can happen. It's a crazy game. Tommy Brady might have never played a game if Drew Bledsoe never got hurt. He might have been a back-up quarterback his whole career. Drew Bledsoe gets hurt Tommy goes in and now he'll go to the Hall of Fame.
the way Alabama manhandled Notre Dame … is the spread offense going to equalize things or the hurry up offense. Can that help to counteract the way they have manhandled teams?
Did you watch A&M play against Alabama? Who beat them? Where? On the road. So that kind of answers your own question. Does it give teams a chance? Yeah. But once again they had that special trigger guy and momentum and there were things in play and it ended up happening.
Talking about the strength of this conference from top to bottom … what is it going to take to be able to play people at the top (of the SEC) and beat them on a consistent basis in a BCS bowl or national championship game?
Well I think that the first thing that you are going to have to do is be dominant in your own league. To be dominant and I think that's where it starts. But to beat a team- let's say Alabama- you better be dominating your league first off. Any team you want … let's say they go run the table and then all of the sudden you go from one team that had a bunch of contenders this one team stepped to the forefront and run the table. Do you think they are going to get a betters chance to win the big game? You betcha. But when you get teams that everyone is beating each other up there are going to be a couple teams with losses you're not going to look at it in the same way. So the first team that is going to have to do it is going to have to dominate their own league.
Let me ask you … the hurry up and the spread… what's the next big thing in college football that could put another team to the top and dominant their league?
Everything is en vogue. Just like right now it's the spread … there's was a time with the Ryan's when everyone when from the zero defense to the 3-4 defense. Football is always evolving and it's also a copycat business. So when somebody gets a good answer everyone will start doing it.
Do you see one that's out there that is going to become the hot thing?
I think you'll see it out there. I think you'll see it … I don't know if you'll see it from the college ranks or the pros but they'll be good coaches out there that come up with something and say 'here's our way of stopping it' then next thing you know everyone will be doing that then after that people will evolve to the next thing. But the nature of the game right now … for example in the NFL right now they are going after the mobility of quarterbacks. A lot of them had good years but when they start getting knocked down this year … when teams spend the whole off season defending the zone read … those guys are making $10, $20 million a year. You can't afford to lose those guys.
Mike Gundy was saying he could see multiple quarterbacks from the same team
I think that multiple quarterbacks that have similar skills in college football is definitely on the horizon. I could see that happening.