Charlie Weis after West Virginia win

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On what the win means to the team:
"Let's start with the kids that have been here for five years and gone through multiple coaches. Those are the guys I feel the best for. I also feel good for all of our students and fans who have endured those years. Finally, I'm obviously happy for the team because they were struggling. The big question was, were they going to throw in the towel? They were resilient and didn't give up. This week it paid off.
On James Sims:
"We knew we were going to run the ball a bunch. We knew it was going to be windy and that was going to affect the passing game for both teams. We knew in order to win we were going have to run it and spread out. We kept giving the ball to James and he kept giving us yards. Everyone helped out. When it was all said and done, our plan was very effective.
On defensive efforts:
"They played very well, except for the first quick drive we gave up and then the one 40-yard pass. Other than those two instances, our defensive efforts pretty much controlled the game.
On Montell Cozart:
"I think that Montell has been aggressive each week. He gave us a lot with his efforts today. He got us some big first downs. He has a lot of work to do, but that was a good effort for him this early in his career."
On the rest of the season:
"It was a big concern for me that if we lost this game today, it would be a large struggle going through the rest of the season. We needed some momentum and we got that today."