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Cole Mueller on visit, Les Miles, and Pooka as a host

Mueller said Les Miles was easy to talk with during his visit
Mueller said Les Miles was easy to talk with during his visit

Cole Mueller was one of two official visitors on campus this weekend. It was the first weekend of visits under Les Miles and Mueller said he came away impressed with the Jayhawks new coach.

Mueller drove into Lawrence by himself for the official visit. When ESPN showed Miles in the stands during the Stanford game Mueller was sitting next to Miles.

Going into the visit Mueller called his phone conversation with Miles “surreal” because he has seen him walk the sidelines for LSU ever since he started watching football. Mueller said Miles was easy to talk to even though he has star status.

“He's definitely a cool guy and he's easy to talk to.” Mueller said. “He doesn't act like he's like super famous. I mean he’s like a guy that you can talk to at any time no matter who you are. If you know college football then you know who Les Miles is.”

Pooka Williams, the Big 12 Freshman Offensive Player of the Year, was his host. Williams who delivered on the field also earned high grades as a host.

“He is definitely cool,” Mueller said of Pooka. “I had a fun time with him and treated me like a friend. He let me hang out with all of his friends and it was a good time. I definitely like the dudes on the team. They're pretty funny and cool, so it won't be very hard to get along with them.”

Last year Mueller rushed for 2400 yards from his running back position. At 6-foot-1, 205 pounds he has the athletic ability to play all over the field. Miles talked to him about his future.

“He kind of wants me to gain some weight and get to 220-225 and be kind of a power back,” Mueller said. “He also talked about maybe playing defense depending on how much I grow and keep my agility and skill with my growth spurt.”

Mueller said he plans to stay with his original commitment to Kansas and sign in the early period.