Consistency builds on offensive line

When the depth chart was released today it listed the same starting offensive line for the third consecutive week.
After shifting the line around in the beginning it looks Charlie Weis has started to settle into a set group. Against Oklahoma the running game started to show life producing a 100-yard rusher in James Sims.
"I think it's invaluable," Weis said of the same line-up. "There's a couple guys that are in that mix, but I think now you've sold into these are the guys and these are the first backup for these guys. It helps with the chemistry. I've said all along, I think our story will never change, our team is going to be playing significantly better at the end of the year than it was at the beginning of the year."
No, he really isn't calling the plays
When Weis announced last week he giving the coordinating duties to Ron Powlus and Jeff Blasko he really meant it. Weis has been an offensive coordinator dating back to his days with the Patriots.
During the Oklahoma game he really did stay away from getting deep into the play calling.
"Did you see me with a call sheet in my hand the other day?" Weis said. "I'm advising, that's what I do. My work is done all through the week. When we start on Monday through Saturday, we know how the game's going, we know the plays are going to be. Then, it's just okay let's do this, let's do that, that's basically how it goes. I think they did a nice job, as well as the whole staff.
"It definitely was the most freedom as I head coach that I've had ever, last week. The most freedom that I've had to actually yell at officials and do the stuff that I really enjoy doing, which I did a few times by the way."
Cozart to get more of the offense
Last week they had a package for Montell Cozart and they knew he was going to play. Weis said he met with Cozart and Jake Heaps last week about his intentions. This week they plan to get a bigger offensive package ready for Cozart. The true freshman will see action against Baylor.
"If they think that every time we put in Montell it's just to go ahead and run the ball, it's not going to take very long for the defensive coordinators to figure that out," Weis said. "He'll know everything this week. Last week, he wasn't quite ready for everything, but I met with him last night a little bit and I said you can't just know these ten plays, you need to know everything. We'll see how he handles it this week, but he'll be involved in everything."
Adjustments after early leads
The Jayhawks have been in every Big 12 game through the first quarter or beyond. A lot of that has to do with the changing of game plans and schemes each week Weis has opened with. But eventually opposing defensive coordinators make changes and the advantage evens out.
Kansas jumped out to a quick 13-0 lead on Oklahoma and had the Sooners defense on their heels. Mid-way through the second quarter the Sooners started to settle down when they made adjustments.
"Oklahoma blitzed and stunted more than they have all year against us," Weis said. "Why? Because they were scrambling, they were fighting on the sideline. Their defensive coaches were getting after each other. They were trying to figure out what to do. Well, they just said we're going to bring everybody up and we're going to make them throw the ball. What would you do? I would do the exact same thing that they did."
The early game plans have paid off but after defenses start to bring more players in box and do things to clog the running game eventually they have to get the passing game going.
"We can game plan all we want, but when we play our cards, and we still are inefficient in the passing game, then you can say to hell with the passing game," Weis said. "How about we just play our defense, we bring everybody up, you're going to try to run with it, but you're going to have to play your guys versus my guys. Now all of the sudden, those runs that looked pretty good early aren't so hot anymore."