DL features good depth

It has been a long time since Kansas fans have heard the defensive linemen in camp say there is a lot of strong competition. The defensive line has been a position in recent years that struggled with depth.
That could all change this year.
So far into fall camp there are several defensive linemen that say the competition is very strong.
"I'm really excited and I like the depth," said defensive lineman Keba Agostinho. "All the new people that are here can make plays. They are all out here competing. Nobody is out there playing around. I feel competition is going to bring out the best people and I like that."
The competition has been good and will only heat up.
Jordan Tavai arrived on Friday morning and will go through practice.
Defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt spoke to McKinney and said his spirits are up and he just wants to get to Lawrence. Adding those two players will make it one of the deepest the Jayhawks have seen at that position in fall camp in a long time.
Josh Williams is new to Kansas but he's not to Big 12 football. He spent his first four years at Nebraska playing with some quality defensive linemen. So far into fall camp Williams likes what he sees from the group.
"I look at Toben over there for example who is a pass rushing guy and he goes out there every day and works hard," Williams said. "Kevin Young is working hard. All the guys are working that want to get better. They all know you have to put the work in. I really like the group and it is a growing unit."
Young, from Olathe North, said he is in good shape and fully recovered from a shoulder injury. He hangs out with a lot of the defensive linemen but once they step on the field they are competing for a job.
"There are some good players here on the defensive line and that competition brings out the best in everybody," Young said. "We're still good friends off the field but once you get on the field it is time to go to work and get better. The passion everybody has been bringing has created more competition day in and day out."
Kansas fans know all too well how fast the depth can evaporate on the defensive line. The 2012 could break that trend. Not only is the depth chart deeper there are new faces that have added quality.
"Coach Weis brought in some good players and we have good depth," Agostinho said. "A little joke we had in the meeting room we had the other day is when you look around the seats are actually filled. There is depth so the seats are taken. It is a re-assuring feeling. Depth is a big key to the success. Coach Weis always talks about developing that two-deep."