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Hawk Talk Recap

On Tuesday Kansas coach Bill Self conducted his weekly radio show Hawk Talk with Bob Davis. Here are some of the highlights.
Self on the game against Iowa State …
We had some different guys step up and play well. I haven't followed all the different things that has been said nationally. I guess the Big 12 came out with a statement and I would like to read that before I offer an opinion on that. Obviously there was a key play late that could've easily been a charge. We benefited from a no call. How many times at the end of a game do you have a no call with situations like that? We benefited from that and if it would've been called I would've said it was the right call.
On the flip side there are a lot of calls in the game. There were a lot of calls in the game that could've gone either way. It's a hard game to call no question about that but with the focus being on the call as opposed to the game being well played I think is unfair. If that's the case then you could do that with close games all across America all the time. It's getting a lot of attention because it was Big Monday and it was a call that could've gone against us but it didn't take away from the quality of play.
If we are going to get into the business of publically making statements of every bad call then let's go back to the opening tip. A lot of times for example a call on the third foul on your big guy in the first half is the difference between winning and losing. There are a lot of things that can put your team into a position where they are playing catch up. It's certainly a good crew but I don't think our bench was ecstatic with the way the game was being called either. I don't think their bench was either because it was a hard game to call. There were some good players making plays.
Self on getting a technical …
I wasn't mad at Mark Whitehead I just wanted to get a T. I told him afterwards if we were okay because I was trying to get that. He told me, "I thought you were." It wasn't strategic but I wanted to show our team that we came to fight because I thought it was going to be one of those type of games.
Self on the Iowa State fans after the game …
It wasn't a big deal. I don't think I have been in a situation where there was less structure after a game. The fans weren't storming the court but they all had easy access to the court.
You don't want that and we don't have that at Allen Fieldhouse. Maybe we don't because the way it's structured where the fans can't get to the court as easy because of the way the bleachers are in the end zones or things like that. I wasn't nervous about it but there were some things being thrown and there was some frustration.
I would say this about the Iowa State fans is that I like them. They are good and very loyal. They are very enthusiastic. I got an email from an Iowa State student on the way home that he hated it at the end because it was such a quality game even though his team lost and the appearance of everything took away a good night.
For Elijah, the kid is excited and you have that all the time but he should not have dunked it. That didn't have anything to do … if that's the only thing that frustrated you then there was some pent up frustration. They had the game where they thought they were going to win and we were fortunate late and Elijah was unbelievable. I responded to the email that it was a good night. Even if the outcome was different I would say it was a fun atmosphere and a good game to be apart of. I am sure Fred after watching the tape would say that there were two good teams that played. It was a good game but it did get nasty after the final horn.
Elijah would be the first to tell you that I got on to him about that after the game, I mean not very hard. You see it all the time. When reserves get in the game and the shot clock is down under 35 seconds do they always hold the ball? Sometimes they shoot. Those guys practice to and want the opportunity and we always tell them to hold it. I told Fred afterwards it was wrong and Elijah shouldn't have done that. I am sure if it happened the other way he would've said the same thing to me. Still it doesn't take away from the game.
Self on where the Oklahoma State and Iowa State wins rank during his time at Kansas …
I don't know to me if the Oklahoma State game was the most exciting. I thought we competed hard but both teams struggled to score. I thought the game last night showed me some different things. We knew we could win games in the 50s, 60s, and 70s but we haven't showed that we can win games in the 90s. That was the whole thing going in that we may not guard them great because of how they play because they can stretch it and get Jeff away from the basket.
The big thing for us is can we score to keep pace? We did that. Last night will go down as one of the better ones. We left out of Missouri a couple of times pretty happy. Certainly the game in Columbus was huge this year. We had some great road wins but it being league play and what's at stake this one felt pretty good.
Self on not playing zone defense…
We don't play zone at all. That would've been a terrible team to play zone against last night because of the way they can stretch it at all the spots. We don't play zone at all and we will play triangle and two a little bit but we haven't done that as much this year. If you stop and think about it our field goal defense this year has been the best in the country. That's who we are and what we do. If I tell the guys to play triangle because we can't guard them they will tell me we can guard them. That's their way of saying that they will wake up and guard.
We don't do a lot of things to mix it up and we just try to be good at what we do. We aren't going to change it that much. There isn't anything wrong with the zone but we just don't play it that much.
Self on Perry Ellis playing a strong game …
He was good against TCU and then of course he was big last night. He made his shots and free throws was good on the glass and that's great to see because I know he was one happy kid after the game. We were all happy for him because he does try hard and he needed for some good things to happen.
Self on getting his 500th win
They gave me a nice ball after the game. I don't remember 100, 200, 300, or 400 but I think I will remember this one because it was an unbelievable game and win. It means you are getting old but Tyrel Reed just texted me and I was thinking that he was here four years and was apart 122 of them. We have had some good players and hopefully we will have a lot more.
Self on McLemore struggling last night…
I don't think it's as much confidence as Ben is just a young kid trying to figure it out. He hasn't quite played as well away from home and I think his stats are quite different away from home. He got off to such a great start against Ohio State and he's had some good games but last night was not one of his better efforts individually but he was apart of the team.
He deferred in certain situations to other guys and never got plugged in. They are going to face guard him in certain situations and that's a reason why other guys were open because he can stretch the floor. He's so important whether he is scoring the ball or not. Ben is one of those guys when he gets on a roll he can be real aggressive but when he is not he is not as aggressive as we like. He is trying to figure it out and it's all new to him. He has played so well and expectations are so high. We need to realize he is young and will figure it out.
Self answering a caller on if he could take on the fan that rushed the court after the game …
Well I don't think I got rushed. People make a big deal out of it but this dude didn't come at me. I do understand that he is a big booster of the Cyclones. [Laughs] I think I could've taken him without a problem. It wasn't a serious deal at all like a lot of people made it out to be. Maybe body language made it look differently but I didn't feel like anything was going to come of that. it was just a fan voicing himself in a way that maybe he was a little animated.
Truthfully they can probably make some corrections so fans don't have access to players like that after a game. In a situation like that when there is so much emotion in the building it was just one of those things. When we were at Missouri there is security escorting the players out, last night they were kind of on their own and it could probably be tightened up a little bit.