Heeney, Pierson still in question

Last season the Jayhawks had Texas on the ropes until Case McCoy led the Longhorns on a scoring drive in the game's final seconds.
Charlie Weis said he isn't happy with a loss but that game should give the players confidence they can play with Texas this Saturday.
"The players should feel like they have a chance at winning," Weis said. "That's the most important thing. Look, they just came off a butt kicking this past week, so you're getting ready to go on the road to Texas, who's got momentum going on their side. But just like I'm sure that Mack is showing them the game from last year saying 'don't overlook these guys.' We're also showing the game from last year, 'It's the same guys, fellas.'"
Cozart, Heaps back each other
Last week Montell Cozart picked up more snaps in the Baylor game. Right now it looks like the Jayhawks will play both quarterbacks once again against Texas.
In the game against Baylor both Heaps and Cozart led the team on scoring drives.
"I don't know if you noticed, but when Jake went back in and threw the touchdown pass, the first person to Jake was Montell," Weis said. "You could really see that they fed off of each other and that was a really good thing to see. Those are the things that if you set them, they wouldn't mean as much. Them doing it on their own means a lot more."
Both are preparing to practice this week and will split the reps with the first unit.
"There's one period today that's 20 plays that Jake has 12 and Montell has eight," Weis said. "Then, there's another period today where Jake has eight and Montell has 12. It's a different part of practice, but it all depends on what we're doing at the time. In gearing towards their package, that 25% that I was talking about as their package being emphasized over the other one, so that guy would be in at that time."
Judging if progress is made
At 2-5 and coming off a 1-11 season one of the big questions is if Weis feels the program is making progress. He doesn't think you can make that call until the season is over.
"Sometimes you have to look at not just how things are going, but how they finish," Weis said. "I said all along, and I could be wrong, I don't think I'm going to be wrong, that we will be playing our best football at the end of the year. We've got five games to go to find out if that's the case or not. It isn't exactly like we've been playing 1-AA teams every week here for the last bunch of weeks the last I checked."
Once the season ends Weis hopes they have at least a Big 12 win to show. That would give proof and point to improvement.
"Let's see how it plays out at the end of the year," Weis said. "If we're sitting here 2-10 at the end of the year, then it's going to be tough for me to sit here and answer if there's a lot of progress. I'd have a tough time saying it. But, that's not where we intend on being."
Heeney and Pierson still in question
Last week the Jayhawks got Tony Pierson back into the line-up but left after feeling dizzy in the first quarter. Heeney tried to get ready but didn't suit up against Baylor.
Both are key players on their side of the ball and it is unknown if they will be ready this week.
"I wouldn't say perplexed but I'm concerned," Weis said. "There's nothing medically keeping him from playing. But, maybe I'm old fashioned. Maybe I'm not overly concerned, but when the kid's been out there for three plays and he's dizzy and he hasn't gotten hit you'd be concerned. Especially when he's got his head knocked around a couple of times in a calendar year."
Heeney tried to play all week but against a spread offense like Baylor you have to be fully ready to play. Weis said playing against the physical style of Texas fits Heeney's strengths.
"He wasn't perfectly healthy and you were going to play him the whole game in space," Weis said on Heeney. "A week later you're going to play a team that is going to try to pound you. So which game do you want him playing in if you have a choice? You hold him for that game where he wasn't going to be 100% and now you got him back for the game where the team is going to try to pound you. That's his game."