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Inside the Huddle: Chris Harris

Former Kansas defensive back Chris Harris
Harris on hoping to make it in the NFL…I am ready to go. I know once we get the lockout over it is going to get crazy. I have been in Oklahoma and have been training everyday from 11:00 to 1:30 everyday. I have been getting help from RW McQuarters who played in the league for 11 years. He has been showing me what I need to do to make it in the NFL.
Harris on which defensive players are going to step up next year…The guys who are going to stand out are the guys who have been playing last year. I think Tyler Patmon will continue to improve. I think Bradley McDougald and Keeston Terry will produce more because they were both new to the position last year. They will learn a lot next year and they will get a lot more experience as the teams they will be playing will be better. I think Bradley came in the last two games and played pretty well considering he didn't really know anything about safety.
Harris on his secondary coaches last year…Coach Shealy was more of a technician than what we had. If you went out there and gave it your all he was going to be satisfied. Coach Wimberly was really big about trust. Once you earned his trust he would let you go out there and play your game. He was also a fun person to be around. I still have to talk smack to him about his Miami Heat losing to the Mavericks.
Harris on which young offensive players made an impression on him last year…Ricki Herod and Jimmay Mundine were two guys that really stood out. I don't know if it carried over to spring ball but they definitely made plays for the offensive scout team.
Harris on the improvement of Greg Brown…He was a guy who came in really raw. He had a lot of speed but when you don't have that technique then you are going to struggle. Once he got that technique down he started to improve on the field. He just got better every year and that's all you can ask for.