Inside the Huddle: Chris Harris

Former Kansas cornerback Chris Harris
Training for Pro Day…Right now I am working out in Lawrence and trying to graduate in four years. On Saturdays I go to Emporia to work out with a guy named Matt Walter who is a speed coach, then I work with strength coach John Williams during the week.
Who Harris has been training with…It is me, Calvin Rubles, Jake Laptad, Drew Dudley, Justin Springer, and Angus Quigley. Everybody who is participating in the Pro Day. We all have been training with Coach Williams except for John Wilson who has been training in Long Beach, California.

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NFL's feedback on Harris…The feedback has been pretty good. I went down to St. George for the Senior Bowl game but I ended up breaking my finger the day before the game so I couldn't play. When I practiced down there I did pretty good. The NFL guys said there is a really good chance of me getting drafted, anywhere from the 5th round to free agency so I have to do very well at the pro day.
What position the NFL projects him at…Oh definitely at cornerback. I was rated higher at corner but moving to safety hurt me, because the NFL doesn't take as many safeties as corners. They are looking at me at cornerback and nickelback.
Harris' picks for most improved players in '11…I would say Greg Brown and Tyler Patmon will make a big improvement. They still have a lot of potential to get better and I think next year they will make a big impact in the secondary.
Harris on what he has been hearing about the team's winter workouts…They say they run a lot more than last year. Last year it was just all about getting bigger but this year they are focusing a lot more on speed and change of direction and agility. They do the same amount of lifts but they run a lot more. They used to just run once a week but now it is four times a week.
Goals for Pro Day…Coach Williams hasn't talked to us a lot on times but I think I should run somewhere in the 4.5s.