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Jarra "Bear" Anderson plans to visit Kansas

The Kansas coaches are expected to target some defensive tackles in this class with several upperclassmen on the roster.

One of their most recent offers has gone out to Jarra Anderson from Cypress Park in Texas. It is recruiting territory familiar to Kansas cornerbacks coach Jordan Peterson.

“They started just reaching out periodically, sending me graphics and letting them know that I'm on their mind and that I'm a player that they want,” Anderson said. “And when I got on the phone with Coach Jordan, he was very ecstatic to talk to me.

“He brought a lot of good energy to the phone call, and it made me feel like they really wanted me at their school.”

Anderson plans to visit Kansas and talks about his nickname
Anderson plans to visit Kansas and talks about his nickname (

Peterson has been telling Anderson about the Jayhawks program and the KU School of Business. Anderson has interest to major in Business and is aware of the new facility and KU’s business which ranks among the top among public schools.

“They said that they have a great program, and they try to make it feel like family there, and they want me to be a part of their family,” he said. “They think I can be a great addition to their family.

“And also, with their business program, they also said that they have a very great business program. That's very important to me, because I was looking forward to being a major in business management. They said it's one of the best facilities in the nation right now.”

The Jayhawks offered Anderson based off his junior film after the staff evaluated him.

“They liked how aggressive I was and said that I had a very good first step and my explosion was very good off the line,” he said.

Anderson goes by the nickname “Bear.” Judging by his size and play on the field many would assume he picked up the name from football. But it came from his grandmother.

“She had a dream when my mom was about six months pregnant, and she said that my spirit came to her, and I was in the shape of a bear,” Anderson said. “She didn't speak English, so when she told it to my mom, she called me Oso, and my mom was so confused. She was like, ‘What's Oso?’ My grandma had to tell her that it means bear, and she was like, that's who I am. So, that's just what I go by.”

Anderson plans to visit Kansas and if the visit does not happen this month, it should in the near future. Peterson will travel to watch him practice when the coaches go on the road after spring football.