JayhawkSlant - Jayden Russell and his family impressed with Les Miles
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Jayden Russell and his family impressed with Les Miles

A couple weeks ago Les Miles celebrated his 65th birthday. When three-star recruit Jayden Russell was on his official visit this weekend, it became clear early on Miles

“He's just really laid back,” Russell said. “I’ve heard people talk about his age and say he’s an older coach, but he can always find a way to relate to you and talk with you.”

Part of that reason could be the fact Mile’s has helped raise four children of his own all ranging from high school to college graduate age.

“Everyone knows he has kids,” Russell said. “He uses his experience with his kids and can translate it to you, so you can understand where he's coming from. He’s really effective and can relate to you.

“I spent a lot of time with Coach Miles this weekend and got to sit down and get to know what he's about. It was a really good time and he has tons of stories that are pretty funny.”

Miles gave Russell some tips after watching film how to improve his game
Miles gave Russell some tips after watching film how to improve his game

A key part of Russell’s visit came during the coaching or teaching moment if you will. At one point when Russell was meeting with Miles they turned on the film and the Jayhawks head coach gave him some pointers.

“We sat down and he talked to me talked to me defensively and what he wants to do,” Russell said. “We actually broke down my film and what I need to work on to improve. Then he taught me things, and actually demonstrated what I could do better. It was a good learning session.”

Russell went on the official with his mother Dency Orlanzzini, father Chris, and younger brother Zayveon.

“My mom loved what he (Miles) talked about during the visit,” Russell said. “My brother is really quiet but by the end of the visit he really opened up and he was joking around with Coach Miles.”

When they were at the basketball game his father Chris was seated a few spots down from Miles. But the Jayhawks head coach quickly corrected that.

“My dad was on TV with Coach Miles,” Russell said. “He was sitting at the end of the bench on the opposite side and Coach Miles was like ‘come sit with me.’ There was an emphasis to get to know my family so they really loved that. They liked what he what he had to say and what he has to bring to the table.”

During the visit Russell was hosted by Khalil Herbert and Pooka Williams.

“The players were really cool and they treated me like I was already on the team,” Russell said.

The next step is another in-home visit. Russell had one last week with assistant Tony Hull. Once Miles fills out his defensive staff they will visit again. He also plans to take other visits before the early signing period.

“I told Coach Miles I'm very interested,” Russell said. “When they get their coaches they will do another home visit. I want to take a couple more visits and then make a decision.”