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Jayhawk Invite: Players To Watch

This 15th annual Jayhawk Invitational is set to kickoff this weekend. Jayhawk Slant is here to provide you with a rundown of locations, times, and players.
New Century Fieldhouse (main gym)
551 New Century Parkway
New Century, Kansas 66031
Olathe South High School
1640 E. 151st St.
Olathe, KS 66062
Olathe East High School
14545 West 127th Street
Olathe, KS 66062
Olathe North High School
600 E. Prairie Road
Olathe, KS 66061
Players to Watch
Class of 2014
Trent Brinkley: 6-5 SF, Dallas Showtyme Elite
Joe Burton: 6-6 SF, Houston Defenders ( No. 112 in 2014)
Melvin Swift: 6-7 PF, Houston Defenders (No. 72 in 2014) XAVIER
Sean O'Mara: 6-9 C, IBA Select (No. 119 in 2014)
Dominique Collier: 6-2 PG, KC Run GMC (No. 61 in 2014)
Tyrone Taylor: 6-2 PG, KC Run GMC
Ezra Talbert: 6-7 F, KC Run GMC - CREIGHTON
Shaquile Carr: 6-0 PG, Las Vegas Prospects (No. 84 in 2014)
Jordan Green: 6-5 SF, Louisville Magic (No. 143 in 2014)
Shane Hall: 6-8 PF, Louisville Magic (No. 108 in 2014)
Quentin Snider: 6-0 PG, Louisville Magic (No. 29 in 2014)
Riley Lachance: 6-2 SG/PG, Ray Allen Stars
Malik Pope: 6-8 SF, Team Superstar (No. 7 in 2014)- Kansas target (may still be injured)
Murshid Randle: 6-3 SG, Team Superstar (No. 134)
Elliott Smith: 6-4 SG, Team Superstar (No. 128 in 2014)
D.J. Wilson: 6-6 SF, Team Superstar (No. 149 in 2014)
Clayton Custer: 6-0 PG, Team YOBO (No. 101 in 2014)- IOWA STATE
Myles Turner: 6-10 C, Texas Select (No. 78 in 2014)- potential top 35 nationally, major Kansas target
Emmanuel Mudiay: 6-4 PG, Texas Select (No. 2 in 2014)- Not likely to show, may have left team for good- Major Kansas target
Xavier Adams: 6-5 SG, Texas the Dream- Potential top 150, NEW MEXICO
Keita Bates-Diop: 6-7 SF, Illinois Wolves (No. 20 in 2014)- OHIO STATE
Malek Harris 6-7 F, Illlinois Wolves (No. 120 in 2014)- Potential top 75
Brekkott Chapman 6-8 F, Utah Prospects (No. 87 in 2014)- Potential top 50- On Kansas radar
Amaad Wainright: 6-2 SG, KC Keys
Class of 2015
Admon Gilder: 6-3 SG, Dallas Mustangs
Andrew Dotson: 6-3 PG, Dallas Showtyme Elite
E'Torrian Wilridge: 6-7 SF, Houston Defenders (16's) (potential top 100)
Drew Lock: 6-4 SG, KC Run GMC (16's)- Missouri football offer
Kevin Puryear: 6-7 PF, KC Run GMC (16's)- early high major interest
Jimmy Whitt: 6-3 SG/PG, KC Run GMC (16's)- Potential top 75 type player nationally
Dean Wade: 6-7 F, Mid Kansas (16's)- Offer from Kansas State
Alex Illikainen: 6-10 C/PF, Minnesota Cyclones (16's)- Four-star already, potential top 50 nationally- Kansas target
Alex Olesinski: 6-9 F, New Mexico Force 17's- potential top 100 nationally
Jalen Jenkins: 6-5 SG, I-Can All-Stars-Rock- potential top 100 nationally
Roosevelt Smart: 6-2 PG, Illinois Wolves 16's- potential top 100 nationally
Glynn Watson: 6-2 PG, Illinois Wolves 16's- potential top 100
Diamond Stone: 6-10 C, Young Legends 16's- No. 4 nationally in 2015- BIG TIME prospect
Class of 2016
Cameron McGriff: 6-6 f, Dallas Defenders (15's)
Jeriah Horne: 6-5 F, KC Run GMC (15's)
Justin Roberts: 5-10 PG, KC Run GMC (15's) ---KU asst. Norm Roberts son
Class of 2017
Mitch Ballock: 6-3 SG, Powergroup (playing 15U)- total freakshow athlete
Michael Porter: 6-5 SF, Powergroup (playing 15U)
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For additional information, visit JayhawkInvitational.com