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Kaleb Purdy will take an official to Kansas in June

The Kansas coaching staff is planning on kicking off their official visits in early June. One prospect expected to visit next month is Kaleb Purdy, a cornerback from DeSmet.

Purdy is finalizing a date and right now it is fluid. The original plan was to visit the second weekend of June but that could change. He was scheduled to be the only visitor, but the following weekend could be a better fit.

“The official was supposed to be the 11th through the 13th, but we may push it back, so I wouldn't be the only one visiting,” Purdy said. “Right now, I'll be the only recruit through June 11. We are probably going to push it back to the 20th so I can see some other recruits and I wouldn’t be by myself.”

Kansas head coach Lance Leipold recently talked with Purdy for the first time.

“He talked about his vision and everything,” Purdy said. “Then we talked about my vision I have and that it's very important for me to get down there on a visit. It was good to talk to him after he got the job, and we really share the same perspective. We are trying to build a new connection and I know he has a lot going with getting to know his own players.”

Jake Schoonover and Jordan Peterson were recruiting Purdy during the coaching transition. Schoonover has been consistently staying in contact with Purdy. He has known about him since his coaching days at Bowling Green.

“The main coach is Coach Schoonover, and he has known my former head coach for a long time,” Purdy said. “He came to watch me work out before when he was at Bowling Green. That's my main contact at Kansas.”

Purdy will likely alter his official visit to Kansas a week later
Purdy will likely alter his official visit to Kansas a week later

Purdy likes the fact he can talk with Schoonover about anything as their conversations have been open during the recruiting process.

“Me and Coach Schoon’s relationship is more like a big brother thing,” he said. “I don't look at him as a coach, I look at him as my big brother. I can talk about anything, mainly football, but I can have the conversation, sit down and talk to him about some other football stuff. It is good to know that I can have another conversation besides just Kansas. I can have normal conversation with him.”

The recruiting is going to pick up for Purdy in June when he starts his official visits with Kansas State. As the recruiting progresses, he said finding a place that has a family-type feel will be important.

“I don't want to just sit down and talk about football all day,” he said. “I want to talk about life, family, and what can help be become a better person on the field and off the field. I really just want to be a part of that family vibe and get to know my teammates and all that. We can be something more than teammates, just brothers outside when I graduate from college, and still have a connection with them.”

Purdy will take visits to Kansas and Kansas State. He wants to be patient and said he will not rush into making a decision. But he would like to make a commitment before his senior year starts.

“Right now, I'm taking it slow,” he said. “I haven't been talking about committing anywhere, but since summer has started, I just want to get it done before my senior season. That's one of the biggest decisions I have this upcoming season is just getting the college situation out the way before the seasoning starts.”