Kansas Spring Football Notebook

Spring Roster
In addition to the new updated depth chart, Kansas coach Charlie Weis also released a spring roster with new heights and weights. Weis said he wanted the measurements to be as accurate as possible, which meant more than a few players shrunk in size compared to their 2011 measurements.
Linebacker Michael Reynolds may have had the most noticeable change in numbers. Last year he reported in at 6-foot-4 but is now 6-foot-1. Another big jump in measurements was Keba Agostinho , who weighed in last year at 275-pounds last year and is now at 253-pounds.
Below is the difference in measurements for each scholarship player as well as a few walk-ons. The "Before" numbers are their height and weight that was recorded before the 2011 season, and the "After" numbers are from KU's new roster.
#1 Lubbock Smith - Before: 6-0 200-pounds. After: 5-10, 197-pounds
#2 Darius Willis - Before: 6-3, 243-pounds. After: 6-2 243-pounds
#3 Tony Pierson - Before: 5-11, 175-pounds. After: 5-10 ½ , 170-pounds
#4 Prinz Kande - Before: 6-0, 194-pounds. After: 5-11, 203-pounds
#5 Greg Brown - Before: 5'11, 185-pounds. After: 5-10 ½ , 185-pounds
#7 Kale Pick - Before: 6'1 , 208-pounds. After: 6-1 ½ , 205-pounds.
#9 Jake Heaps - Current: 6-1, 208-pounds.
#10 Dayne Crist - Current: 6-4, 235-pounds
#12 Christian Matthews - Before: 6'1, 194-pounds. After: 6'1, 200-pounds
#13 Ron Doherty - Before: 6'0, 206-pounds. After: 5'11 ½ , 215-pounds
#14 Michael Cummings - Before: 6'0, 196-pounds. After: 5-10, 200-pounds.
#15 Daymond Patterson - Before 5'9, 173-pounds. After: 5'8, 178-pounds.
#16 Alex Mueller - Before: 5'10, 160-pounds. After: 5'8, 162-pounds.
#17 Tunde Bakare - Before: 5'10, 215-pounds. After: 5'10, 205-pounds
#18 Corrigan Powell - Before: 5'11, 180-pounds. After: 5'10, 174-pounds.
#19 Justin McCay - Current: 6'2 215-pounds.
#20 D.J. Beshears - 5'9, 185-pounds. After: 5'9, 185-pounds.
#23 Dexter Linton - 5'11, 200-pounds. After: 5'10 ½ , 201-pounds.
#24 Bradley McDougald - Before: 6'1, 205-pounds. After: 6'1, 210-pounds.
#25 Brandon Bourbon - Before: 6'1, 208-pounds. After: 6'1 ½ 220-pounds.
#26 Chris Robinson - Before: 5'9, 170-pounds. After: 5'9, 161-pounds.
#27 Victor Simmons - Before: 6'1, 185-pounds. After: 6'1 ½ , 201-pounds.
#29 James Sims - Before: 6'0, 206-pounds. After: 6'0, 202-pounds.
#31 Ben Heeney - Before: 6'1, 210-pounds. After: 6'0, 218-pounds.
#33 Tyler Patmon - Before: 5'11, 180-pounds. After: 5'11, 180-pounds.
#34 Huldon Tharp - Before: 6'0, 217-pounds. After: 6'0, 220-pounds.
#35 Toben Opurum - Before: 6'2, 245-pounds. After: 6'1 ½ 245-pounds.
#38 Josh Richardson - Before: 6'3, 240-pounds. After: 6'4, 235-pounds.
#39 Brian Maura - Before: 6'4, 200-pounds. After: 6'3 ½, 205-pounds.
#40 Ray Mitchell - Before: 6'1, 183-pounds. After: 6'0 185-pounds.
#41 Jake Love - Before: 6'0 195-pounds. After: 6'0, 211-pounds.
#41 Jimmay Mundine - Before: 6'2, 240-pounds. After: 6'2, 240-pounds.
#43 Ed Fink - Before: 6'3, 230-pounds. After: 6'2 1/2 , 237-pounds.
#43 Alex Matlock - Before: 6'2, 190-pounds. After: 6'1, 188-pounds.
#45 Nick Sizemore - Before: 6'2, 246-pounds. After: 6'0, 238-pounds.
#50 Jake Farley - Before: 6'3, 228-pounds. After: 6'1, 220-pounds.
#54 Justin Carnes - Before: 6'3, 230-pounds. After: 6'1 ½, 241-pounds.
#55 Michael Reynolds - Before: 6'4, 220-pounds. After: 6'1, 226-pounds.
#57 Collin Garrett - Before: 6'1, 215-pounds. After: 6'0, 210-pounds.
#59 Tanner Gibas - Before: 6'2, 200-pounds. After: 6'1 ½ , 196-pounds.
#63 Chad Kolumber - Before: 6'8, 320-pounds. After: 6'6 ½ , 318-pounds.
#64 Randall Dent - Before: 6'5, 300-pounds. After: 6'4, 305-pounds.
#66 Dylan Admire - Before: 6'3, 272-pounds. After: 6'3, 277-pounds.
#67 Duane Zlatnik - Before: 6'4, 305-pounds. After: 6'4, 311-pounds.
#68 Luke Luhrsen - Before: 6'5, 299-pounds. After: 6'3 ½, 305-pounds.
#69 Trevor Marrongelli - Before: 6'2, 293-pounds. After: 6'3, 300-pounds.
#70 Gavin Howard - Before: 6'5, 292-pounds. After: 6'4, 292-pounds.
#71 John Williams - Before: 6'3, 305-pounds. After: 6'3, 298-pounds.
#72 Tanner Hawkinson: Before: 6'6, 293-pounds. After: 6'5 ½, 295-pounds.
#73 Damon Martin: Before: 6'5, 265-pounds. After: 6'3, 295-pounds.
#76 Bryan Peters - Before: 6'5, 305-pounds. After: 6'3 ½, 302-pounds.
#78 Shane Smith - Before: 6'5, 290-pounds. After: 6'5 ½ , 292-pounds.
#79 Riley Spencer - Before: 6'7, 300-pounds. After: 6'6, 305-pounds.
#80 Ricki Herod - Before: 6'2, 193-pounds. After: 6'2, 190-pounds.
#81 Marquis Jackson - Before: 6'0, 205-pounds. After: 6'0, 218-pounds.
#82 Andrew Turzilli - Before: 6'4, 185-pounds. After: 6'3 ½ , 185-pounds.
#83 Chris Omigie - Before: 6'4, 194-pounds. After: 6'4, 202-pounds.
#85 Trent Smiley - Before: 6'4, 240-pounds. After: 6'4, 248-pounds.
#88 Erick McGriff - Before: 6'3, 209-pounds. After: 6'1 ½ , 214-pounds.
#89 JaCorey Shepherd - Before: 5'11, 170-pounds. After: 5'11, 185 pounds.
#90 Kevin Young - Before: 6'4, 275-pounds. After: 6'3, 277-pounds.
#91 Pat Lewandowski - Before: 6'6, 260-pounds. After: 6'5 ½ , 275-pounds.
#93 Ben Goodman - Before: 6'3, 245-pounds. After: 6'3, 248-pounds.
#96 Keba Agostinho - Before: 6'3, 253-pounds. After: 6'2, 275-pounds.
#99 Julius Greene - Before: 6'7, 270-pounds. After: 6'5, 265-pounds.
Position/Number Changes
With spring practice just beginning on Tuesday, it's not surprising that most players are still at their same positions as last year.
One of the more interesting changes was Weis moving Tanner Hawkinson and Duane Zlantik over from the right side of the line to the left. As last year progressed, Kansas began to run the ball more to the right side as Hawkinson and Zlatnik improved as run blockers. Now Weis wants the two to protect the quarterback's blind side.
"Well first of all, Hawkinson has played the left side and the right side and you should put your best tackle and put him on the left side if you have a right-handed quarterback," Weis said. "If you have a left-handed quarterback, you put him on the right side and right now he's clearly our best tackle. In our scheme, you really spend more time helping one guard than another guard in all of your protections and the guard who gets more help in our scheme is the right guard; therefore, what you want to do is put who you perceive to be your best guard on the left side. It also gives you a power side over the line of scrimmage and all they have to decide is if they are going to overload one side with all of these seniors or are we going to balance it up on the other side. That's really the mentality we used to put that together and Zlatnik likes to be over there with Tanner, by the way. He gets into a comfort zone and he gets lost if he's not over there with Tanner, so he's feeling a lot better."
Another change is Brian Maura moving over from wide receiver to defense to play safety. Maura is currently limited with an injury.
Also Michael Reynolds last year worked as a 3-4 rush end/buck linebacker and primarily worked with the defensive linemen. This year Reynolds is listed at weakside linebacker behind Tunde Bakare. He has been one of the players to impress the coaches during winter workouts.
"In this league, you need to get guys who can play in space, you need to get fast guys who can play in space," Weis said. "One thing about that kid, even though he is listed as second team behind Tunde Bakare, is that he is very fast. I don't know if he can play dead, but I know that he can run. That is what I know at this point because I haven't seen him practice yet. I am very pleased with the weight development of a lot of our players, and that depth chart is based on what we have seen in the offseason realizing that we have not had a practice yet."
There are a few jersey number changes as well. Tony Pierson will try to bring the #3 jersey back to the glory days of Charles Gordon and Aqib Talib.
All the changes/additions:
Tony Pierson: New: #3. Old: #23
Jake Heaps: New: #9
Dayne Crist: New: #10
Alex Mueller: New: #16. Old: #10
Justin McCay: New #19
Dexter Linton: New: #23. Old: #32
Brandon Hawks: New: #28. Old: #36
Brian Maura: New #39. Old: #84
Neal Barlow: New: #47
Dylan Admire: New: #66. Old: #75
There will be four players who will be limited due to injuries. Those players are: John Williams, Brian Maura, Brandon Bourbon, and Kevin Young.
"None of those players are out for the spring, they are just limited in the spring - I am just limiting their contact. Bourbon, Williams and Young are way ahead of where we thought that they would be and they are chomping at the bit to get out of the red jersey," Weis said.
McCay Update:
Charlie Weis gave an update on wide receiver Justin McCay. Kansas is currently waiting to hear if the NCAA will waives the customary year McCay must sit out after transferring to Kansas last December.
"I can't say there's a good chance because with the NCAA you never know what the good chances are, but from what I understand through our compliance department - that's done a wonderful job keeping on top of this - is that the caseworker in charge of Justin, told us yesterday that his case is going to be presented before the caseworker leaves the office on Thursday," Weis said. "I'm assuming that what the caseworker said is taking place, there's a chance we could hear something this week. Once they have all of the information - which they have - now it's presented and they say yes or no. It's not like they have a month-long trial; they hear the information and they make a decision so I'm hoping to hear something this week and I'm hoping for this month to continue being good."
To read the full transcript of what Weis had to say Click here