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KU coaches meet with Jayden Russell, talk style of defense

Cramer (left) and Jackson (far right) met with Russell for an in-home visit
Cramer (left) and Jackson (far right) met with Russell for an in-home visit

The first stop for new defensive backs coach Chevis Jackson was bright and early at St. Thomas Aquinas to see Jayden Russell.

Jackson stopped by the school in the morning with grad assistant Carson Cramer and the two met with Russell in the evening for an in-home visit.

“Coach Jackson said he wanted to meet me,” Russell said. “He said he liked my size and my length. We just hung out at my house.”

One of the topics was the style of defense the Jayhawks could play in the future under Les Miles.

“He talked about type of role I would have on the defense,” Russell said. “He doesn't know yet if I'm going to play corner or safety. He talked about the defense and they want to attack people. Coach Jackson said they want to be aggressive.”

It was the first time Russell met Jackson who could be his position coach if he chose the Jayhawks. He learned more about Russell’s background as a player and coach.

“It's nice that he came from LSU,” Russell said. “When you play defense as a player and at the highest level and then in the NFL that means a lot. I'm just excited. He has a good background and knowledge of the game.”

Russell said there are schools calling and he is still weighing his opportunities, but will sign in the early period. After going to Aquinas Jackson and Cramer were headed to several other high schools in the area.

“Right away you can tell they're taking notice of the top guys in Kansas,” Russell said. “They are looking at every recruit they can locally. They don’t have enough scholarships to offer everyone, but they are taking notice and looking at a lot of guys.”