JayhawkSlant - Leipold on recruiting visits, winning turnover battle, Baylor
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Leipold on recruiting visits, winning turnover battle, Baylor

The Jayhawks have opened the season with two Friday night games and this week against Baylor they get back to the traditional Saturday matchups.

Playing on Friday may not always be the most ideal situation because most of your recruits are also going at the same time.

This Saturday the Kansas coaching staff will have an opportunity for the first time to host recruits on unofficial visits.

Lance Leipold can’t talk about specific recruits but there is expected to be a good group in attendance.

“Well, it's extremely important,” Leipold said. “It's our chance to show our staff, our program, our new direction, but of course, a game day environment. One that we want to continue to build upon and increase as we're here. It's unique, playing two Fridays in a row and things, but it's hopefully the start of many where, within distance and whatnot, that we get multiple prospects in whatever year possible here.”

Leipold is glad to have recruits visit for a home game after playing on Fridays
Leipold is glad to have recruits visit for a home game after playing on Fridays

Jayhawks taking care of the ball with no turnovers

After two games Kansas is only of eight teams who has yet to have a turnover. Leipold and his coaches stressed during fall camp this was going to be a key element of their program.

As the try to build the foundation, limiting mistakes was one of the main areas they wanted to improve.

“When you're winning turnover battles, it gives you a better chance to win,” he said. “I also think it backs up the points of emphasis. I think another thing that that gets lost and I’m not saying anything that was maybe done or not done before, but our approach is going to be again, the attention to details what we're asking them to do through structure, and through other things.”

It is something the players work on every day in practice.

“We're looking at ball security each and every time,” Leipold said. “Some of you have been out to practice, you hear us talk about it, it's about talking, finishing all those things when you're able to have games like this and hopefully continue to do that, they start seeing the benefits of doing those things each and every day.”

Leipold says Baylor is improving and more comfortable

Leipold has crossed paths with Baylor coach with Dave Aranda in the past. When Leipold was coaching at Wisconsin-Whitewater, Aranda was the defensive coordinator down the road at Wisconsin.

The two would run into each other at coaching clinics and were familiar being in the same state.

Aranda is in his second year at Baylor and Leipold has seen the improvement from the Bears over the last two weeks.

“I see a team getting better,” Leipold said. “You can see they're more comfortable in year two and what they're doing, it's going to be two athletic quarterbacks. They can have the ability to run and throw. They have explosive playmakers, like everybody in our league. The running backs, also a great kick returner and, and there's done something. I think their offensive line has drastically improved from, from a year ago where they won.