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Les Miles on Carter Stanley, Boston College, more

After the loss to Coastal Carolina, Les Miles said they would need to evaluate the game film and make decisions on the quarterback.

And the answer is staying with Carter Stanley.

"He was guilty of trying to make plays, okay, and it's the right thing, and it's absolutely the wrong thing," Miles said. "In this instance he made a couple mistakes. I think he's a guy that's accountable. I think he'll step in and with opportunity play well. I'm not going to make a change at this time."

Stanley had chances to run against Coastal Carolina and had open field when he got outside the pocket. Those are some of the things Miles would like to see him improve.

"He can extend things with his feet and really should have done that a little bit more," Miles said. "He could have gone and got a couple first downs, and those are things that he's very comfortable doing. It's just awareness."

Miles said the offensive and defensive lines will get a test with Boston College
Miles said the offensive and defensive lines will get a test with Boston College

Boston College will present a challenge for KU defense

The Kansas defense has played well enough to limit teams like Indiana State and Coastal Carolina.

The Boston College offense will be their toughest test of the year and they are going to have to play a physical style.

The Eagles feature one of the best running backs in the country in A.J. Dillon who is 6-foot tall and 250 pounds. Things don't get any easier when they bring in their back-up David Bailey who is 6-foot-1, 240 pounds.

"Well, we've got to get numbers to the ball and making sure that we match their intensity and play physical football ourselves," Miles said. "We have some advantages. We'd like to play on the advantage side of things."

Offensive line is settling in

During fall camp Les Miles said his offensive line has the potential to be one of the better units in the country.

The Boston College front seven is similar to their offense, and they play a very physical brand of football. Miles believes the offense is settling in and getting use to things like moving into a new house.

"Yeah, this will be a great challenge to them," Miles said. "This is a really good defense that Boston College has. I think they've played well. I think everybody (KU OL) is settling in.

"It is like moving. You arrive at the new house and you settle in, right. I think that's what we're doing here is we're finding plays that fit our kids that are play-makers. I think we're settling in, if you will, on how to equip our players best."

In the first two weeks there has been a lot of shuffling with linemen to keep them fresh. Eight offensive linemen played 14 snaps or more, and seven of them played 26 or more snaps.

"We're expecting that they're going to get better," Miles said. "The guys that are getting rotation time are talented guys and now need some reps to get us better. Obviously the plan is that sooner rather than later we'll be ready to play dominant football."