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Monday morning with David Beaty

Kansas head coach David Beaty answered several questions on Monday about his team and thoughts from Saturday's game against South Dakota State.
How was the loss taken in the locker room:
Those kids were obviously disappointed but at the same time they are dealing in reality. We had control of our destiny there and at least had an opportunity to tie the game up. I think they are most disappointed because we weren't able to execute when we needed to at that point in time. The truth of it is those kids understand if you do things right the entire game then maybe you may not be in that position or utilize those things you don't do a whole lot. The key is great teams are able to execute those things those things that are sometimes deemed not very important until they are important. They were important the other day.
On the depth and how will that be this year:
We're not unlike many teams in the country. Sometimes depth is an issue for the teams that are winning championships. We're not going to use that as an excuse. We have enough players here to be able to give us competition we need to be able to be competitive. We as coaches will evaluate these guys from this ballgame which is really the next step for us in our new program which was putting them out there for the first time on the game field. Then realistically look at it that this was our first time to evaluate them out there.
Evaluating the play of Montell Cozart:
There were a lot of things he did in the game that I was very proud of. He showed some growth for us. He obviously had a couple of key errors in the game and would love to have those back. But the thing about that is it is never one guy's fault. It looks like it is on the surface but the guy that caught that interception he was supposed to have been blocked. We missed him. It looks like it's Montell's fault. Ball security isn't just a quarterback and skill players job it is an offensive lines job, the center's job, and everybody has a role in it. When we don't execute correctly things can go awry. It wasn't just him, everyone was accountable including coaches.
The potential for Kansas football and the grand scheme ahead:
We have high goals and high standards that we have set. Along with that there is a long way to go and a long road ahead of us. We understand that and we knew that from the first day that we started our program. Players and coaches (knew that). But we are up to the task and the good thing is the things that we talk about all the time are the things that either (A) hurt us or (B) helped us. We have the answers to the test we just have to be able to execute better and be able to take advantage of situations better than we did on Saturday. That is a process, not an event. Next week will be that next step in trying to grow a little bit as a team.
On playing Memphis and do you consider yourself the underdog:
I really don't ever look at that so I'm not sure I'd even thought about that until the question was asked. I do know this... Coach Fuente is as good of football coach as anyone I've been around. I know that we have a very tall task offensively, defensively, and special teams going against his team. He's done a great job establishing that program and we will certainly have our hands full. He has a terrific quarterback in Paxton Lynch he is a talented guy and his play speaks for himself. He's got some really talented players around him. I like their running backs, Frazier the receiver is a really good player and they have some really good players up front.
They have some fast guys on defense that run around and they will strike you. Until we earn it we're going to be underdogs in every game that we have. That's just the way that it is, period. And we need to be playing like the underdogs.
The resilience your team showed down 31-7:
Obviously I am very pleased with that. But that's something we have been talking about and stressed since the day that we got here making sure that we have the right guys on our football team and build on the fact what we do offensively we have a quick strike capability. Obviously that situation came to fruition on Saturday and helps us take a step forward in our program with the guys believing that that's the way that we play.
That quick strike capability allows us to be in a game even when we may not be. It's kind of crazy to say but I'm not sure I really knew we were down 31-7. Because I simply did not feel that within our sideline. We're doing everything we can to make sure that we are being prepared for the next step. The thing you feel sometimes when you are in situations like that you feel the wind go out of everybody. But I never felt like that and that is encouraging and a big reason why we were able to fight back and that game.
On talking with Montell after the game:
I told him the truth and without him we wouldn't have been in that game. He made some really good decisions after the turnover. He came back and stood tall and played really well through the remainder of that game. The truth is we wouldn't have been in that situation that we were in without Montell Cozart. The good thing about him he's the type of kid you would want there and is a competitor. Obviously he took it extremely hard but he also understood that he made some strides that he can build on.
On the defense getting some stops after getting down early:
I know that Clint made some great adjustments at halftime that helped us. We needed some key stops at points in that second half and a couple of times he was able to come up with those stops. There was another one that we really needed to get done and we weren't able to get that done and able to hold them out. At the end of the day we need to stop them. We started slow and we can't do that. We have to do a better job of starting faster. That's just not the defense but it is the turnovers that put our defense in a very tough position that led to 10 points and really could've led the 14 points.
I'm proud of our defense after the interception holding them to three points. That was a big play in the game. We did some good things over there but as a whole defensively I know that myself and coach Bowen have much higher standards in store for our guys than what we put out on the field Saturday.
The improvement from the offensive line from fall camp to the first game:
Those guys have definitely improved I have to take my hat off to coach Yenser and what he's done over there. Those guys are a new group jelling together and from that standpoint it was one of the more refreshing groups coming out of that game on Saturday. Now we have to utilize our tempo better than what we did and not let it hurt us as much as it hurts the opposing team. I've seen quite a bit of improvement from that group which is what we need.
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