No decision on Selby

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On Friday night, Josh Selby, the No. 1 ranked player in the 2010 class, will take the court with his teammates for the first time in Allen Fieldhouse. Immediately following Late Night in the Phog, it's not yet known when Selby, the 6-foot-3, 183-pound guard from Baltimore, Md., will make his official debut this season. On Tuesday afternoon, Kansas head coach Bill Self provided the media with a brief update on Selby.
"There's really nothing to talk about," said Self on Tuesday. "I know you guys get tired of hearing the "no comment", but there really is no comment. We've been instructed not to talk about it until we have information, and we don't have information yet. We do believe it's coming to a head, but we don't know when.
"Josh, I'm going to make him available to you guys today, but I'm going to ask that you not talk to him about eligibility," he added. "He's been told that he can't talk about eligibility, so I'd be very disappointed if you guys keep hitting him up on that, but he'll talk about whatever. We hope to have a resolution to it sooner rather than later, but I don't know when that will be."
According to Self, Selby has been cleared to practice the entire year. Despite reports saying he's only been cleared to practice for specific period of time, Self made it perfectly clear during KU's media day on Tuesday that those reports are completely false.
"There's been some erroneous reports in the media that has nothing to do with Josh," said Self. "So, he's been cleared to practice all year long. Yes, he can play on Friday. He's been cleared to do everything, all year long, expect participate in games."
Shortly after taking a team photo, Selby found himself surrounded by a large number of media outlets. Surprisingly, the No. 1 ranked point guard in the 2010 class, said he actually decided to attend Kansas following the 2008 national championship game.
What was it about that particular game that sold Selby on Kansas? It didn't take long for the native of Baltimore, Md., to answers.
"The 2008 National Championship," said Selby when asked when he knew KU was the best fit. "That's when I knew it was best for me to be here. The way they played together, they always stayed by each other's side when they were down.
"Family's a big thing with me," he added. "What they have here is great family tradition."