Notebook: Defense ready for option

Shealy familiar with option football
When it comes to playing the option Vic Shealy is no stranger to it. He spent five years at Air Force and then four at UNLV where he served as defensive coordinator. The Rebels played Air Force every year.
During those years with Air Force he saw the option every day so watching Georgia Tech brings back memories.
"This (option) is every day in spring through August there (Air Force)," Shealy said. "I have worked with one of the best of all-time in Fisher DeBerry. I just got a text from him talking about Paul Johnson. When I got his text it did bring back some memories. Spring ball there at the academy is knock down drag out and it brings back some good days."
Shealy said while he is familiar how to defend it translating that over to the players is a different story. He said knowing how to play against it and slowing it down are two different things.
Johnson ready for challenge
Over the last few years the Big 12 has featured some of the best offenses in the nation. Most of them have been spread formation, passing teams. Linebacker Steven Johnson is ready to take on a different offense like the Yellow Jackets will use.
"I think it is fun because you are going to get a lot of run." Johnson said. "As a defense you have to take pride as a defense in stopping the run. They do pass and we have to be ready for that but we don't have to worry about that spread offense. With this type of offense everything is right there in front of you. You have to understand keys, watch for guard pulls, and see how the quarterback opens up. They do a lot of different stuff with that offense."
Johnson said you have to be ready for everything from the option attack. He remembers one play last year when he got blocked and didn't see the center coming for him.
"Last year when we played it seemed like the same thing over and over and it can get hypnotizing," Johnson said. "You get out of it if you don't stay focused. Last year their center got me and he bear crawled out to me. I didn't really see him coming. I was like where did he come from. Then we went back and watched film he really did bear crawl out to me."
Expect multiple looks from tight end
Against Northern Illinois the Jayhawks used Tim Biere, A.J. Steward, and Trent Smiley in different sets. Against Georgia Tech they will get Jimmay Mundine back from a two game suspension.
Mundine gives a different looks because he could be the most explosive of the four when he has the ball in his hands.
"They've all got good roles," said tight ends coach Aaron Stamn. "We try to put them in there so they can be successful. We try to create match-up problems so we can take advantage in the run or pass game. This week we get Jimmay back and he will have a role too. For me it is an interesting year because I have three seniors and redshirt freshmen. They all push each other but they also encourage each other."
More news and notes
- Turner Gill said there is a big difference this year and last year's team. "It's a night and day difference from last year as far as where we're at as a football team and where we're at as a football program," Gill said.
- The Jayhawks are expected to take two freshmen on the trip that have not played this season. Both Marquis Jackson and Travis Bodenstein will make the trip to Georgia.
- The team is expected to leave on Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.