Notebook: Grunhard talks about OL

On Saturday the offensive assistant coaches were available to the media.
Sterling maintains momentum
We wrote a lot in the spring about the progress of left tackle Aslam Sterling.
While offensive line coach Tim Grunhard said that Ngalu Fusimalohi had the biggest body transformation during the summer(more on that later) Sterling maintained his momentum from the spring and is now down to 312 pounds after weighing close to 370 pounds this time last year.
"Out of all the guys we have he has the best pro body," Grunhard said. "He has got a great opportunity if things work out to have some success at the next level."
Sterling also hasn't had much trouble shifting from right tackle to left. He played left tackle in junior college so he is well familiar with the difference in technique.
"He is as big as an island so you can put him on an island," Grunhard said. "He is a big man and it's hard to get around him so we like having him on the blind side."
Grunhard on the center position
The big news from earlier this week was Charlie Weis moving Pat Lewandowski from left tackle to center.
Kansas coaches started thinking about the idea of moving Lewandowski several months ago after evaluating the center position during spring practices.
Due to the nature of the center position, Lewandowski will be looked at to take more of a leadership role on the offensive line and to keep everybody on the same page.
If you look at the guys who have played that position for Kansas over the last ten years such as David Ochoa, Ryan Cantrell, Trevor Marrongelli, they are generally some of the higher academic achievers on the team. Lewandowski, who is majoring in civil engineering and was on the Academic All-Big 12 Second Team, fits that mold.
"He is very smart as well as being athletic," Grunhard said. "He has a lot of good attributes, but he has to learn to play inside because there is a lot going on. Right now, we are just trying to get him to feel more comfortable."
Blasko on the tight ends
Tight ends coach Jeff Blasko talked a little bit about where the tight ends are at after the first few days of practice.
"Right now it is clear that Jimmay Mundine is number one and the rest of the guys are jumbled up," Blasko said. "First two days of practice we are not in full pads and just in helmets. You don't get to evaluate the three point stance and coming off the ball."
We also asked him which tight end had the biggest body transformation during the summer.
"Everyone of them has changed but I would say Ben Johnson is one that really stands out," Blasko said. "When we were recruiting him early on in the process he was 212 or 213. He is up in the 240 range. He looks like a man and not a true freshman."