Notebook: Sterling moves inside

One of the biggest changes in the depth chart that was released on Tuesday was Aslam Sterling moving into the starting spot at right guard.
Sterling had started fall camp as a right tackle but the coaches made the position switch last week.
Sterling missed summer conditioning because he had to complete summer junior college classes. He arrived out of shape but has already lost 20 pounds and is down to 348.
Most mornings he spends an extra 30 minutes with strength coach Scott Holsopple to work on the elliptical machines. His ideal goal is 320 pounds.
"He has gotten a lot quicker," Trevor Marrongelli said. "When we got here he had a little trouble with conditioning but now he is keeping up with all the offensive linemen so that's very encouraging."
Weis said that while Sterling has made progress, he still probably will share some snaps with second team guard Randall Dent. Next to him will be Gavin Howard, who moved over to right tackle from right guard. The second team right tackle is Riley Spencer who has been battling nagging injuries through fall camp. Weis said expect all four players on the right side of the line to get in the game.
"Instead of there being roving parts, we've settled it down, so Gavin and Riley have settled down at right tackle and Aslam and Randall have settled at right guard," Weis said. "I think that you should expect to see all four of those guys playing in the game."
Defensive Versatility
Junior college transfer Jordan Tavai moved into the starting role at nose tackle, but was also listed as a possibility at defensive tackle and also coming off the edge. Weis said Tavai's versatility allows Kansas to move him around on the defensive line depending on the situation.
"I told you we're going to be playing two-deep anyway, but he's the one player inside of those five guys that are listed in those two spots, he's the one player inside that could play outside, effortlessly," Weis said. "We could just bump him out to end. I always talk about inherent depth and versatility. He's the guy who allows us to do that."
Injury Update
Middle linebacker Anthony McDonald is still battling injuries and was seen riding the exercise bike at Tuesday's practice. He wasn't on the depth chart that was released but Weis said that will change when the Notre Dame transfer gets healthy.
"If this were the last game of the year, and we had nothing else to play for, he'd play this week," Weis said
No Spying Allowed
Weis was asked if he was concerned about people having an easy view from the student union to watch practice.
"We've done so many things on offense that if you videotaped all we've done and tried to get ready for it, it would take you three years. That's how many different things we've done. If they can figure that out, they're a lot smarter than I am."