Notebook: Stick to the plan

Dave Campo hasn't been a big part of a college turn-around, but he has seen it at the pro level. When Campo started with the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 they were 1-15. The next season they were 7-9 and missed the playoffs by a game.
In 1991 they went to the playoffs and the following season they won a Super Bowl.
"I don't think you can expect anything overnight," Campo said. "You have to stay the course. You know what you want to do and how you want to do it. I think we have a good plan how to do it."
Campo recalled what it was like trying to find players to win. Their main emphasis was finding speed. He said there were some players signed on Thursday, played on Sunday, and cut on Monday. But if they could run they would look at them. Obviously it isn't like that at the college level, but you have to identify the type of players you need to turn it around.
"Here we are trying to recruit guys that have the mentality we are trying to build on," Campo said. "Really that's the way to do it. If you have a set of values sometimes you are able to get exactly what you want. But when you have won one game you might not be able to get the exact kid. But I think we can be selective in getting the right kid we are looking for."
Changing the routine
Kansas head coach Charlie Weis said they will try a new routine this weekend. The normal routine has been arrive to the opposing stadium on the road and walk around. Then they go back to the hotel, eat, go through team meetings, and off to bed.
When the team arrives they will practice.
"We're leaving earlier and we're going to the stadium to practice," Weis said. "There are things that I don't normally do that I'm doing this week, because I'm never going to stay status quo if it's not working. I'm going to try something else. So, we're leaving earlier than we normally leave, and we're going right on the bus, we're going right to the stadium. And we're going to get out there and we're going to go run around."
Special teams getting better coverage
Weis announced a couple weeks ago they would do whatever it took to improve special teams. He said special teams coordinator Clint Bowen would have access to more starters if he needed it. Bowen said the addition of Bradley McDougald has helped, but just the fact they focused on it has helped.
"A lot of what coach Weis did is re-emphasize the importance of special teams," Bowen said. "It woke the team up and say 'let's get this going here' and get on board and do it. It's helped more than anything on the coverage units. Bradley McDougald had a really good game. But a lot of those kids had been playing."
Practice moved indoors
Practice was moved indoors and much of that could be the weather they could see in Lubbock. By the time practice got in full swing it was 49 degrees in Lawrence on Wednesday. The forecast in Lubbock calls for 79 degrees.
The temperature with the heat kicking on in Anschutz Pavilion felt more like Lubbock than Lawrence.