QA with Turner Gill

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Kansas coach Turner Gill talked to the media before the team's first spring practice on Sunday afternoon.
Gill's opening statement…It is a great day for the coaches to finally see our guys to do some things on the football field and get a chance to evaluate and see where we are at. One little announcement I want to make is Vernon Brooks has been removed from our football team due to violation of our team policies.
Gill on his goal for the first few practices…Just to know how we go about doing things and what our expectations are for them on the football field. As long as they get better each day and in every phase. I want them to show their skills. We won't make a lot of changes in the next few days and in about a week from now we will establish an initial depth chart. Right now in the next three or four practices we are going to be interchangeable as far as our personnel. We will move a lot of people around from the first group to the second group.
Gill on if he has watched a lot of tape from last season…Very little. I didn't want to have a predetermined notion of what guys are able to do at this particular time. I want our coaches to have an open mind as they evaluate these guys on the practice field. It will be more of a true evaluation once we get our pads on.
Gill on what he is looking for in his starting quarterback…I want to see how their body language is. They are going to make mistakes because it is a whole new terminology but how they carry themselves and how the team responds to them both good and bad.
Gill on using the practice fields instead of the stadiums… I don't think there are any spies out there. Everybody knows what everybody is doing from that standpoint. I am not going to be a person who over exaggerates that people are going to be watching what we do and how we do it. We'll do a majority on the practice field but we'll go in the stadium too.
Gill on Drew Dudley's undisclosed injury…He is doing minimal stuff from that standpoint. It is day-to-day with him. Our trainers are going to make all those calls but we'll do the best we can.
Gill on his style of coaching…I'll let my coaches coach but obviously I am an offensive minded guy so I will spend most of my time on the offensive side of it. I'll definitely be involved on both sides of the ball, on the special teams a little bit more and with the return guys.
Gill on what he looks for in a leader…I want to know if that person by the level of his play, raises the level of those guys around him. You can see how guys respond to him not just from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint. Is he a guy who is always doing things right both on the football field and off it.
Gill on how recruiting is going…Very good. People are telling me that they are interested and they want to take a look. That's all you can ask for is that people are taking some interest in us and that will take care of itself.