JayhawkSlant - Quinton Conley staying in touch with KU coaches, will visit Saturday
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Quinton Conley staying in touch with KU coaches, will visit Saturday

Quinton Conley has not wasted any time getting out to visit colleges this fall. The athlete from Pembroke Hill has already taken an unofficial visit to Oklahoma and this weekend plans to be in Lawrence for the Baylor game.

Conley has been a priority for the coaching staff since he camped at Kansas in late July. Right after the camp he picked an offer from KU.

He has been hearing from the coaches a lot over the last two months.

“They send me a lot of stuff on my game day and a lot of their staff is sending me good luck messages,” he said. “And then I'm talking a lot with Coach K (Kotelnicki). I got on the phone with Coach Leipold last week. It's been a pretty constant contact with them.”

Conley has been talking with Andy Kotelnicki and Lance Leipold
Conley has been talking with Andy Kotelnicki and Lance Leipold

Conley had a strong camp performance playing tight end, which is a position he is still getting to learn. At the camp he worked with Kotelnicki who is the tight ends coach and offensive coordinator.

“We talk pretty often, and also through text,” Conley said. “He's just always telling me how they use their tight ends and in the first game they had the most targets. He's just stressing that he can see me in that offense, and that I am an athletic tight end.”

He has also been on the phone with Leipold.

“He just talked about staying in touch and I’m getting to know him better,” Conley said. “He was asking if I had any questions. When we talked, he was just asking about what I thought of our game and then we talked how their first two games are on Fridays.”

Conley said the Kansas staff will send him graphics wishing him luck on game day and he has noticed the attention he gets from them.

“It shows I'm a priority for them,” he said. “They've definitely shown me that. It's just a matter of getting to meet them a couple more times, get up there in person, and things like that. But it definitely means a lot that they stay on top of those things.”

This weekend Conley will get a better look at Kansas after being around the program for the camp in late July. He got to experience what it was like working with Kotelnicki.

“It's definitely great to get out to camps for all the schools that are recruiting me, but just being in person and being able to see how they coach and how they run things, it might give you insight as to how they run practice,” he said. “So, that was pretty cool getting to work with them. It was pretty hot on that day, but I thought the camp went good.”

Conley made the move from wide receiver to tight end before his senior year. This year he is also playing quarterback while getting playing time at tight end.

“It's going pretty good,” he said. “I'm running the ball a lot. It's quarterback by committee. I'm still playing a little bit of tight end and wideout but a lot of reps at quarterback too. It depends on the game plan for that week.”