JayhawkSlant - Realignment: Where KU and the Big 12 stand
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Realignment: Where KU and the Big 12 stand

Once again Kansas and the Big 12 find themselves in the middle of realignment again. It is like Groundhog day on steroids.

There are a lot of KU faithful that have high hopes if the conference sees a shake-up but it does not mean their information is always accurate.

You hear a lot of talk about the Big 10 and ACC, but some of that may be far-fetched. I spoke to multiple individuals in the last 12 hours who work in the college industry and are familiar with the Big 12.

Come inside to know more about where KU stood in the past and what may be the best and most realistic steps moving forward if Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12. Read the latest article:

LINK: Realistic steps moving forward and the facts about the past with KU and realignment

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