Remembering KUs three man senior class

For Mario Little, Brady Morningstar and Tyrel Reed, today is no ordinary day. In fact, today could eventually become one of the most memorable days in the careers of KU's three-man senior class. Not only will Little, Morningstar and Reed run through the tunnel and onto the Allen Fieldhouse court for the final time, they'll do so with a seventh straight Big 12 regular season championship within reach.
Mario Little:
Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 218-pounds
Hometown: Chicago, Ill
Prior School: Chiploa Junior College
Games: 46
Field Goal Percentage: 51.6 %
Three-point Field Goal Percentage: 40.0%
Free-throw Percentage: 65.7%
Rebounds: 148
Rebound Average: 3.2
Assists: 1.0
Blocks: 0.3
Steals: 0.5
Points: 250
Average: 5.4
Most Memorable Game:
In KU's 103-86 drubbing over Missouri on February 17, Little scored a career-high 17 points and pulled down five rebounds. In just 16 minutes of action, the 6-foot-6, 218-pound guard from Chicago, Ill., connected on 7-of-9 field goals and was a perfect 3-of-3 from downtown.
During his career, Little has been a part of two Big 12 regular-season championships and one Big 12 tourney title while at Kansas.
On The Court With Mario Little:
Last three seasons:
Best Winning Percentage
1. KANSAS (87.0, 87-13)
2. Duke (85.8, 91-15)
3. Utah State (83.8, 83-16)
4. BYU (83.7, 82-16)
5. Pittsburgh (81.8, 81-18)
Brady Morningstar:
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 185-pounds
Hometown: Lawrence, Kan
Prior School: New Hampton Prep School
Games: 91
Field Goal Percentage: 44.4%
Three-point Field Goal Percentage: 41.4%
Free-throw Percentage: 74.4
Rebounds: 222
Rebound Average: 2.4
Assists: 2.9
Blocks: 0.2
Steals: 1.3
Points: 529
Average: 5.8
Most Memorable Game:
Brady Morningstar might have gotten off to a slow start this season, but with just two regular season games remaining, the Kansas native is playing the best basketball of his career. Morningstar was certainly on top of his game when Kansas traveled to Lincoln, Neb., on February 5.
In 37 minutes of action, Morningstar was absolutely fabulous against the Cornhuskers. In KU's 86-66 victory, Morningstar scored a career-high 19 points on 5-of-7 shooting from downtown. He also connected on 4-of-5 free-throws and dished out six assists and didn't commit a single turnover.
While at Kansas, the Jayhawks have won four Big 12 regular-season championships, three Big 12 tourney titles, one Final Four, one NCAA National Championship and have advanced to two NCAA Tournament Elite Eights and three Sweet 16s.
On The Court With Brady Morningstar:
Last five seasons:
Best Winning Percentage -
1. KANSAS (157-21, 88.1)
2. North Carolina (143-37, 79.4)
3. Duke (141-32, 81.5)
3. Butler (139-31, 81.8)
5. Pittsburgh (137-36, 79.2)
Tyrel Reed:
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 193-pounds
Hometown: Burlington, Kan
Prior School: Burlington High School
Games: 123
Field Goal Percentage: 44.2%
Three-point Field Goal Percentage: 41.5%
Free-throw Percentage: 82.1
Rebounds: 210
Rebound Average: 1.7
Assists: 1.2
Blocks: 0.1
Steals: 0.8
Points: 745
Average: 6.1
Most Memorable Game:
Throughout his career, Tyrel Reed has been a rock solid performer for Bill Self and Kansas. This year, the Jayhawks wouldn't be where they are today without Reed on the court. He's become more valuable to this team than anybody could have imagined when he signed on with Kansas during his senior year at Burlington.
This season, Reed has scored in double-digits 16 times. However, none were bigger than the 17 points he scored against UCLA back on December 2. In narrowly defeating the Bruins by just one point, 77-76, Reed, in 34 minutes, connected on 5-of-7 field goals, 3-of-4 shots from behind the arc and was a perfect 4-of-4 from the free-throw line.
In his four seasons at Kansas, the Jayhawks have won three Big 12 regular-season championships, two Big 12 tourney titles, one Final Four, one NCAA National Championship and have advanced to one NCAA Tournament Elite Eight and two Sweet 16s.
On The Court With Tyrel Reed:
Last four seasons:
Best Winning Percentage -
1. KANSAS (124-16, 88.6)
2. Duke (119-21, 85.0)
3. North Carolina (112-30, 78.9)
4. Butler (110-24, 82.1)
5. BYU (109-24, 82.0)