Senior Reflections: Part 2

The seniors are just several days away from their last home game at Kansas. We caught up with a few of the seniors on the defensive side of the ball and got their thoughts on their favorite memories at Kansas.
Toben Opurum
Favorite quote from an assistant coach?
Yeah when Coach Wyatt wants to call a player soft he will say we ran in there and hit them with our purse. That's the quote we have been using all year long to make fun of players.
Senior most likely to have the most success outside of football?
I would say Dayne Crist. He is a well spoken dude and an all around good guy.
Your favorite play during your career at Kansas?
I would say my favorite play was against Colorado where I forced the fumble where Tyler Patmon returned a touchdown. That was my most memorable play because that's when I gained confidence on the defensive side of the ball that I can make those plays.
Toughest moment you have had at KU?
I would say dealing with that injury against Texas my freshman year where I messed up my ankle or when I was told that I was switching positions. Those two moments were testing my character and testing myself.
Toughest offseason workout?
I don't know where to start. I would say all the run tests with Coach Dawson, Coach Williams, and Coach Holsopple. The one with coach Williams we had to do a 1000 yard shuttle and it was one of the hardest ones I have ever had to do. I made it by one second.
Advice you wish you could go back and give to your freshman self?
Get your sleep. I have been known as a person who stays up playing video games and messing around so I would say get some sleep.
Memento you will keep from your playing career?
I will definitely keep a jersey or letter jacket or anything that reminds me of my time here.
Funniest moment at Kansas?
We've always had funny guys here like A.J. Steward or Malcolm Walker but I will say it's probably something A.J. did when he was here.
A quote or word that sums up your career at Kansas?
Adversity. Me and this team has a whole have had to face adversity.
Greg Brown
Memento that you will take from your playing days to remember your time at Kansas?
Definitely my letter jacket but I will try to get a framed jersey to keep the memories going of what I had here.
One quote that would describe your career?
The one word I sum it with is perseverance. The things that I have gone through personally and with the team but I got through it and it was worth it.
Biggest challenge you have faced during your time at Kansas?
The negativity of the outside viewers looking at our team. We have come a long with from the three different head coaches that I have been playing with and knowing that the guys that I played with that we perservered through together to get where we are going.
Advice you wish you could go back and give to your freshman self?
Don't take anything for granted. You always hear that everything comes to an end. Once you go through it you really get to see it.
Senior on the team you think will be most successful after football?
I've known Lubbock Smith for a while and have seen him transgress into a great man. To see how he has handled things I know he is going to be a successful person.
Bradley McDougald
Senior on the team will be the most successful after football?
Trevor Marrongelli. He's a genius. He's a 4.0 student and has definitely taken care of his business academically since he's been here.
Favorite play at Kansas?
My pick six against Missouri last year.
Biggest challenge you had to face at Kansas?
Keeping people believing every week and keeping their spirits high. Getting guys to play up their potential every week.
Advice you wish you could go back and give to your freshman self?
Come early leave late every day. Coach yourself harder than your coach will coach you.
Toughest workout you will be telling you grandkids about?
When it was 141 degrees on the turf and we are running sprints. You are trying to get one extra sprint in and tell yourself that you can it. That was with Coach Holsopple.
Memento that you will take with you from your playing days at Kansas?
I already have my jersey from last year before we changed our jersey brand and I gave it to my grandmother because she can't make it to a lot of games. I did it so she could think about me and know that I am out here working.
Quote from an assistant that you will remember after you leave Kansas?
The defensive coaches used to make fun of me when I moved over to safety and called me soft a lot. They said I looked like a safety but played like a wide receiver.
Josh Williams
Favorite play of the season?
My favorite play was against TCU when I picked up the fumble and thought I was going to score.
What's been the biggest challenge for the year?
Probably dealing with the losing. I always want to win and expect to win but I think going through this has made me a stronger person and I know that I can handle it.
Senior who will have the most success outside of football?
Corrigan Powell. He is driven. He is always into books and I think he will be really successful outside of football.
Favorite Buddy Wyatt quote?
"That old boy can't walk and chew gum at the same time."
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