Sign and Sealed: Samson Faifili

American River CC linebacker Samson Faifili has faxed in his letter of intent and is the newest Kansas Jayhawk.
Favorite Athlete: Ray Lewis & Jordan Campbell. Ray Lewis because of his leadership on and off the field. He is also a future Hall of Famer. Jordan Campbell because his work ethic is unlike any other I have seen, and he is truly an inspiration.
Favorite Pro Sports Team Growing Up: St. Louis Rams.
Favorite Pregame Ritual: I always call my family two hours before the game just to talk about our day. An hour before the game I always listen to motivational speeches by Ray Lewis and Eric Thomas. Minutes before the game I listen to anything by Brad Paisley to stay calm.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Probably has to be the weight room. People think I'm joking, but I have never been on vacation.
Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show is hands down, Psych! It fits my personality perfectly.
Favorite TV Sports Personality or broadcaster: Sean Levine
Aside from the NFL what do you want to do after college: I would like to pursue a career in either teaching or coaching. I would also like to help those with different abilities. When it all comes down to it, I want to give back. Lastly, a career in either writing or music because I am very passionate about both!
If you could switch places with a famous person for a day: Without a doubt, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! Who wouldn't want to be The Peoples Champion!
Favorite Food: I have an obsession with ice cream. Besides that I love a good Country Fried Steak with gravy and mash potatoes.
Favorite musical artist:
Male Artist: Brad Paisley.
Female Artist: Sara Bareilles.
Group: Rascal Flatts.
Favorite website:
Main reason why you chose Kansas: It was an unexpected decision for other people. No one expected me to choose KU over ASU and Oregon State. I truly feel that we will shock everyone by the way we turn things around. Even some KU fans have their doubts about this upcoming season. But it starts with our intrinsic motivation, the first step to success is belief. I chose KU because I wanted to make a difference, I didn't want to be just another jersey on the field. I want to make an impact.