Signed and Sealed: Joey Bloomfield

Ballard High School OL Joey Bloomfield has faxed in his letter of intent and is the newest Kansas Jayhawk.
Favorite Athlete: Muhammed Ali, he's been my favorite athlete ever since I can remember and has done so much for the city of Louisville. Ali is an icon worldwide.
Favorite Pro Sports Team Growing Up: The Cleveland Browns. I was born in Cleveland and have always been a fan. Also, the Louisville Bats, the AAA team for the Reds. We have season tickets and I love going to watch the next up and coming players.
Favorite Pregame Ritual: Before each game I talked to every one of my teammates and made sure they were focused on the same goal. I also like to listen to music.
Favorite Vacation Spot: San Diego, CA. My favorite city in the United States because of the year round weather, the beaches, the restaurants, etc.
Favorite TV Show: I'm a huge fan of crime series such as CSI. I love how elaborate each episode is and each one makes me think and keeps me entertained.
Favorite TV Sports Personality or broadcaster: Dick Vitale. I love his enthusiasm for the game he displays through his broadcasts.
Aside from the NFL what do you want to do after college: I am going to get my MBA. I want to own several successful businesses.
If you could switch places with a famous person for a day: I wouldn't want to switch places with anybody. I love how my life is and the people that are in it.
Favorite Food: Stir-fry. I love the flavors and the fresh ingredients.
Favorite musical artist: Kendrick Lamar
Favorite website: Youtube. I'm always watching videos or listening to music on there.
Main reason why you chose Kansas: It really came down to the people at Kansas. From the coaches, to the players everyone was a person of high-character. I want to be around people that have good morals and that are all striving to reach the same goal.