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Slant QA: Cornerbacks coach Kenny Perry

We had a chance to sit down with cornerbacks coach Kenny Perry and get his thoughts on his position group. With four new starters in the secondary and both corners Perry said it will be a process.
On the defensive backfield:
Clint always does a great job with those guys in the defensive backfield. The good thing coming back with Fish, Greg, and Glatczyk, it has been pretty good because those guys are smart and move around well. The biggest thing for us was losing the two corners that we had that were drafted.
On the cornerbacks:
My main thing coming into camp was finding some depth. We have to develop at least four guys because in this conference the offenses are so creative and explosive you have to have more than one guy. Brandon (Stewart) has done a great job. Ronnie has kinda been banged up a little bit from spring. We are trying to get him back healthy. Boateng has played some, Colin Spencer, and then with the additions of Miller and Ogletree we have guys, but they need to step up and prove themselves.
I like what Brandon has done over the summer. He's taken the steps and wants to be a really good corner in this conference. I'm excited about that.
On playing young kids:
You have to pick up the intensity of coaching, reps, and put as much pressure on them as you can. They are going to get tested every week way more than they did in junior college or high school. It is a little bit harder but you just have to be more intense with them and be more intense in the classroom when you are teaching them.
It is going to be a process and we know it's not going to get built overnight. But they're going to be thrown in the fire overnight. We're just trying to keep them calm and work through everything we are trying to get through.
On getting thrown into the fire:
If you are going to play corner in this conference you are going to go through some hard times. I still remember Coach (Gary) Patterson talking about Jason Verrett in his first year coming out of junior college he gave up three or four touchdowns against Baylor and that stuck in my mind. He ended up being one of the best corners and getting drafted high.
I'm just trying to get them to understand every play is important and every ball that is caught on you is a big deal. That's just something I've learned from watching this conference in the last few years. As a cornerback you have to forget the last play. You just hope you don't have to forget the last three plays.