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The Six Pack: Six thoughts after the Texas game

The Jayhawks showed some heart and played with good effort in a 42-27 loss to Texas. In the end it was another loss, but you have to look at the game closer where the Jayhawks did some good things especially on the defensive side.

Here are six, quick thoughts after the game with Texas.

Another slow start proves costly

The Jayhawks fell behind 28-7 in the first quarter. From that point on the played even with Texas. This was supposed to be a game where Texas avenged last year’s loss with a big blowout at home.

The line started at 31 in Vegas and money came in on Texas all week and ended at 33.

The offense punched in a late score to make it 42-27 showing they never quit. They played with good effort the entire game.

After the game David Beaty said they had their chances and they sure did. But digging that hole early on proved to be the major difference.

The Kansas defense played a solid game, but the Longhorns played better
The Kansas defense played a solid game, but the Longhorns played better

Turnovers were just as costly

The Longhorns scored 21 points where they only had to record 31 yards of offense. They scored on a pick six. Then they scored after an interception where they had move nine yards to each the end zone.

Another score was set up on a botched punt catch just 22 yards from the Jayhawks end zone.

“That was huge and turnovers tells the story in game,” Beaty said.

Defense had good moments and has shown progress

Over a three quarter stretch the defense only gave up two touchdowns. In an eight-drive span there were seven drives they kept Texas off the scoreboard.

“I thought Clint did a good job with guys,” Beaty said of the defense.

Beaty said Texas showed a 12 personnel look which they haven’t done much all year. The defense had to adjust to it during the game. They held Texas to 371 yards. Over the last five Big 12 games they have held three of the opponents under 400 yards. In those five games they are giving 390 yards a game, which are solid numbers especially considering the offensive numbers in the Big 12.

No details on Patrick's injury after the game

There weren’t any details on Tyler Patrick’s injury. The game was stopped while they loaded Patrick onto stretcher and drove him off the field.

He was injured blocking for Steven Sims who picked up a first down on the play.

When Beaty went to the field to check on him while he was on the ground the first thing Patrick asked was “did we get the first down.”

Best game from the front seven

The defense held Texas to 2.8 yards on 40 attempts. Led by Daniel Wise and Dorance Armstrong the Jayhawks were in the Texas backfield often.

Although the front four didn’t record a sack it might be the most active game they have played as a unit.

Keith Loneker had two sacks and 10 tackles and Joe Dineen added nine. Beaty said both Dineen and Loneker are playing hurt and did a good to keep playing.

Armstrong had a chance to intercept a pass that could have led to a touchdown return. But he couldn’t hang on to the ball and it fell incomplete.

“He’s sick about because he could see that goal line in front of him,” Beaty said.

Two, big plays in the game 

Trailing 35-20 Jacky Dezir hit Texas quarterback Shane Buechele from behind and the ball came loose. They stopped the game to review the play and ruled would stand as called on the field.

From the instant replay it looked like the ball was knocked out of Buechele’s hands before his arm went forward. Beaty said he will take a closer look at the play on film.

With 10:36 left in the game the Jayhawks had the ball at the Texas 29-yard line. Facing fourth and two Taylor Martin lined up in the Jayhawk formation to take the direct snap. He was hit behind the line of scrimmage and Kansas turned the ball over on downs.

That was the best chance they had to make it a one score game with plenty of time left.