Wednesday Football Notebook

After Wednesday's practice, Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino discussed the skirmishes that have gone on between certain players on the football and basketball teams. Mangino said he was still collecting information on the situation.
"Based on what I have right now, I don't see anything that would have me discipline any particular player," Mangino said. "If there is some reliable information that comes forward then I will deal with it. My track record speaks for itself on discipline here. I don't have to defend that"
The first incident happened Tuesday night between members of the two teams at the Burge Union. Afterwards, it was reported that Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor was sent to the hospital with a dislocated finger.
Earlier Wednesday morning, there was another reported incident between members of the two teams in front of Wescoe Hall on the KU campus. Later that afternoon, the two teams met at the Anderson Family Football complex for a joint conference discussing the incidents.
"I think our kids realize that just a few guys let their emotions get the best of them," Mangino said. "It is not nearly as big of a situation as it has been portrayed in some media outlets."
"I think all parties left that meeting feeling pretty good and feeling a little embarrassed and ready to get back on track. Football and basketball here have a great relationship and it is the closest relationship of any program that I have been associated with."
Quarterback Todd Reesing was one of the players to speak at the meeting.
"When it all comes down to it we are all one big family at the end of the day," Reesing said. "I just told the guys we need to put this behind us and stay focused."
Mangino said the incident wouldn't serve as a distraction for this Saturday's game against Southern Miss.
"We have 105 kids who have invested a whole year into these games," Mangino said. "In fact, today's practice was exceptionally good."
Wright will play
Linebacker Arist Wright left early in last Saturday's game with an injury. Wright is expected to play this week.
"He has practiced full speed today and he shows no signs of his injury," Mangino said. "We have been kind of smart with him but I think he will be ready to go."
Biere back at practice
Sophomore tight end Tim Biere has missed the last two games with an undisclosed ailment. Mangino said Biere was back practicing on Sunday.
"He looks a lot better and he is getting his strength back," Mangino said. "I think he will be ready to go full speed come Saturday."