Weis breaks down Baylor

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis talks about Baylor, the Jayhawks next opponent.
On Baylor's coaching staff:
"On that note, we'll move onto Baylor. Obviously, Coach (Art) Briles has been coaching for a long time as a well-respected high school coach in Texas and he brought his A-game onto college. He and Phil Montgomery, who runs the offense, has been with him for 20 years. They have some very, very innovative ideas and they do a wonderful job with the offense. I'll get to more about them here in a second. Phil Bennett, who I know from my past, is running the defense and as fast-paced as that offense plays, their defense gets on the defense in a hurry, because they score lightening quick. I think that one of the things I've talked about several times is, before you start to criticize a defense, you have to look at the circumstances of which they are playing under. Their circumstance is that they're on the field about every two minutes and they're back on the field again."
On Baylor's offense:
"We'll start with their offense. They're a little unique in the fact that they make you play the whole field. As a matter of fact, you'll watch their games and their wide receivers sometimes will be split a yard from the sideline. So they make you cover the entire width of the field, which is kind of unique and I haven't seen people use that same type of approach. They're averaging 569 yards a game and 172 yards rushing, but that 395 passing leads the country and they're averaging 44 points a game. So their numbers are really big on offense. Everyone was wondering, what's going to happen when they lose (Robert Griffin III)? Well, they forgot about Nick Florence, I guess. Nick had started nine games in 2009 and they haven't really missed too much. I know that RG3 was a wonderful athlete, but this kid (Florence) is really good at quarterback. He's 6-foot-1, 205 pounds, so he's not overwhelming in size, but he's got a very accurate arm and he throws his deep ball as good as anyone I've seen on the college level. He throws a great deep ball and he has people to throw it to and we'll get to that here in a minute. And the other thing, he's not afraid to pull it and run it on the read option; he's not afraid to pull it down and scramble as well."
"They have a whole bunch of running backs that play. (Jarred) Salubi and (Glasco) Martin are really their two main runners, but you'll see a whole bunch of different guys in there. (Jordan) Najvar handles the tight end position. He's 6-foot-6, 260 pounds. He's listed that and I couldn't really tell from watching. The only bit of good news we have out of this whole offensive list is that (offensive tackle Cyril) Richardson, who I think is by far their best offensive lineman, has to sit a half, because he got thrown out of the game with 14 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. By Big 12 rules, he has to sit out the first half of our game and he is one tough, nasty player. So hopefully we've done enough damage in the first half, so that when he comes back, he can't be a difference in the game. (Ivory) Wade is their center and (Cameron) Kaufhold is the right guard and they've got two 6-foot-6, 300 pound tackles in (Spencer) Drango and (Troy) Baker. But the key to their offensive line really is that left guard, Richardson, who I wish the suspension was for a full game not a half of game, but I'll take a half a game right now."
"When it's all said and done, it all comes down to these receivers that play for this team and Terrance Williams is probably as good as I've seen. I think he'll be a high draft pick. That 172 yards per game average is not by accident. (Lanear) Sampson is a nice compliment to him and (Tevin) Reese, there's some question about if he'll play. I know he got hurt in their last game and there's some questions about his lung. It seems like at least he's okay, but he's a question mark for the game. They have a nice group of wide receivers with Terrance Williams definitely being by far the star."
On Baylor's defense:
"On defense, (Kaeron) Johnson is really their run stopper. Him and (Gary) Mason handle the inside part of their defense. Then, at the defensive end, they have (Chris) McAllister and (Terrance) Lloyd. Lloyd is a very versatile player, because they'll move him around some, especially when they get to nickel. We'll talk about their safeties in a second, but when they get to nickel, they bring a safety down as a defensive end. I don't know if I've seen that before, either. Last week, they started (Rodney) Chadwick at middle linebacker over (Bryce) Hager. Now Hager was their leading tackler, but Chadwick is a senior and it seem to me that they decided to give him a shot as a senior. He played very well, so I expect to see him in there. (Eddie) Lackey plays on the boundary and (Ahmad) Dixon plays in the field. When you get to the secondary, the secondary is easily the most experienced part of their defense. (Chance) Casey, who has started for them at safety, has had to play corner due to injuries and he'll probably play corner again this week along with (Joe) Williams. At safety, (Mike) Hicks and (Sam) Holl will handle that spot and he comes down and plays defensive end when they go to nickel."