Weis on Texas Tech, Tuberville

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis got to know Tommy Tuberville well when the two coaching at Notre Dame and Auburn.
Weis breaks down Texas Tech and talks about his relationship with Tuberville.
On his friendship with Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville:
"The head coach, Tommy Tuberville, and I have been quite friendly over the years. We met on a trip overseas to go visit the troops when I head coach of that previous institution. When you're going from country to country and visiting the troops with just five college coaches, you get to spend a lot of time with each other. I really enjoyed his company and have followed his career fairly diligently since that time."
On Texas Tech's defense:
"They're 18th in the country, giving up 314 yards a game. They have given up about 126 yards rushing and another 188 yards passing (per game) and that is pretty stout on defense, especially in this league. (When scouting a team) You always look at their greatest strength and they are as strong as any team we have played up the middle. Up the middle starts with their defensive tackles (Delvon) Simmons and (Kerry) Hyder and then it goes to their middle linebacker (Will) Smith and then their two safeties (Cody) Davis and (D.J.) Johnson, who are their two leading tacklers. Boy, they are strong up the middle. They are stout. They actually go two deep inside. There isn't a big drop off from Simmons and Hyder when they come off the field. The middle linebackers are good and the safeties are really good and that is really the core of their whole defense."
"Outside you have (Jackson) Richards and (Dartwan) Bush manning the defensive ends and (Sam) Eguavoen and (Terrance) Bullitt are the two outside linebackers. Now Bullitt, he's going to need a shoulder repair at the end of the season; he's been on and off some and he's trying to tough it out and play. I think they are trying to play him a little bit more, because of their nickelback situation that they got in. They really had to take (Eugene) Neboh, who is one of their corners, and play him at nickle. Neboh and (Bruce) Jones are their two regular corners. Neboh will be able to stay at corner this week, because (Tre') Porter and (Jarvis) Phillips are their nickelbacks and both are healthy this week. So with them being back, I expect in any multiple wide receiver set, they will try to get Bullitt off the field to try to save that shoulder and get a combination of either Porter or Phillips back on the field as that field adjuster. They are getting healthier in the secondary, which is not great news for us, but at least two of those guys come back. I think that they still have one waiting in the wings that we'll have to wait and see how the week goes, but right now I think that they gained a lot and I think those injuries really cost them in the Texas game."
On Texas Tech's offense:
"On offense they are getting 500 yards per game and I'm going to talk a lot about their quarterback here in a second. But you know, (Tech is averaging) 145 yards rushing and 355 yards passing and scoring over 38 a game. They have the most touchdown passes of any team in our league and they are another team, like Baylor, that plays very up tempo. It starts with (quarterback Seth) Doege. He's having a heck of a year. He throws for 318 yards a game and he's thrown 31 touchdown passes versus eight interceptions, so he's just having a wonderful year. He's got (Darrin) Moore and (Eric) Ward to throw it to. Moore is 6-foot-4 and 212 pounds and runs really well. (At one time) I thought he was their go-to-guy, but the more you watch the tape, you see Ward has just as many catches even though he's 6-foot, 204 pounds. Ward's a little faster, he's a deep threat and he runs good routes. Last week in the game, (Jace) Amaro got banged up some and they list him as a tight end at 6-foot-5, 257 pounds and he's a huge target with soft hands. He doesn't really line up at tight end, he's usually detached (from the line), so it's almost like a big wide receiver. He got banged up and we'll have to see the status of him as the week goes on."
"They have two different styles of running backs. (Kenny) Williams is their main ball carrier and he's a little bowling ball at 5-foot-9, 220 pounds. He is very strong. And then they use a combination of (SaDale) Foster or (Eric) Stephens as the smaller quicker guy to compliment Williams. They do play two-back sets as a complimentary package where they'll use two of those halfbacks on the field at the same time."
"Their offensive tackles are huge. (LaAdrian) Waddle is 6-foot-6, 335 pounds and (Terry) McDaniel is 6-foot-7, 328 pounds. Their guards aren't that much smaller. (Beau) Carpenter is 6-foot-6, 284 pounds and Clark is 6-foot-5, 305 pounds. Clark, who plays right guard, stands out to me when I sit there and watch the different linemen. The center is (Deveric) Gallington and he's 6-foot-3, 319 pounds. So they have a really solid offensive line with a lot of size."