Weis Postgame Interview

Here are some thoughts from Charlie Weis after the loss to Texas Tech in double overtime. We will have more coverage and thoughts.
Weis on the loss to Texas Tech …
A number of games this year in the second half when something bad happened in the game and then they let it snowball and run downhill, but that wasn't the case today. There wasn't one time in the game today where anyone felt like the sky was falling. That's one hurdle we have been trying to get past and they got past it today. Unfortunately they made one more play than we did.
Weis on the performance of running back Tony Pierson …
This is the first time Tony has been healthy without that brace on his elbow. We felt that we were going to have to utilize his speed to the edge. I said earlier in the week they were strong up the middle and I felt that we could only pound them inside so many times. I thought you were going to have to get to the edge and both of those guys did a heck of a job.
Weis on the job the defense did on Saturday …
I think getting the game into the fourth quarter with the wind was critical especially when we kept it to a field goal and kept it to a one score game. I felt that it was critical to the psyche of our team and I think it had a positive residual effect that lasted throughout the fourth quarter and into overtime.
Weis on if his team would be able to build on this game …
I think the team will be as disappointed as they are right now because it's not like any game we have had this year including the Texas game. I think on Saturday they will be fired up for Iowa State at night and be ready to go.