Weis Postgame Interview

Here's what Charlie Weis had to say following his team's loss to Baylor in Waco.
Weis on what he liked about his team's performance …
It was 14-0 real quick and it looked like the game could've gotten away from us. The defense toughened up and we got that quick one from James. It got it to 14-7 then it was 17-14 and we held them to a field goal at the end. So you are going into halftime and you are getting the ball back down by six points and I felt very fortunate.
Weis on his team's second half performance …
We decided as a coaching staff with the firepower they have on offense, we were not going to play this game not to lose. We got the ball there on the 50-yard-line on the first drive and if we have the ball on a fourth and five or less we are going to go for it. We get stopped on that play and they hit a big one and now it's a two score game. We come back right back and Michael's best throw of the night to Omigie was going to be touchdown us and instead it is interception them. That play was a really critical play of the game. It could've been a six point game again and instead they get the ball and they score again and now it is a three score game.
Weis on why he made the switch to Dayne Crist in the fourth quarter …
Michael had gotten a little rattled. He had gotten hit on that one sack. He was a little woozy and he threw an interception right after it. He came back and I looked in his eyes and it didn't take much. He didn't have a concussion but he had those far and away eyes. At that point there was really no option that that was the right thing to do.
Weis on Baylor's run offense …
They had good speed at that position. When they went through the line of scrimmage it wasn't five yards, it was bit chunks.
On the decision to go for the fake field goal:
"It was actually a play that I thought if you had the look, go ahead and do it. I thought we would kick the field goal just based off of the look. Supposedly that's what they were expecting. I thought we were going to check out of that play and kick the field goal, but that is not what happened. The play was to roll to one side or the other based on their look."
On the change of momentum in the game:
"I thought the game changed in the third quarter. It was 20-14 at halftime and we were really fortunate for it to be 20-14 at halftime. When the game started it looked like it could have gotten ugly real early. So we obviously go into halftime with the second time we had a rain delay and came out in the third quarter and things didn't really go so well for us. We had plenty of time for the defense to get rested because they were on the field for over 50 plays in the first half to our 30-something. They had plenty of time to rest and plenty of time to figure out what we wanted to do on our first drive. Unfortunately, we had decided as a coaching staff that anytime we got the ball to the 50 yard line and we got to a fourth and relatively short, we were going for it. And when we ran that run to the left where that guy cuts through and tackles us and we don't make the first down, and they come back and hit a quick one. Then we come back and threw that long one, what I thought was his best throw of the day, when it hits Omigie right in the numbers for a walk in touchdown, and instead of a walk in touchdown it's an interception. That little sequence, from getting stopped on fourth down, to them scoring, to us bouncing back to get it to a one-score game again, and instead of it being a one-score game it's an interception, and now they change the field and go down and score and now it is a three-score game. I think everything changed in a hurry. And it was right there."
On the most disappointing part of the game:
"Chunks. I can say it in one word, chunks. I could say other things like the halfback fumbles the ball and picks it back up and gains eight. Things like that shouldn't happen, but really the biggest part of the game when you talk about it defensively was just chunks."