Weis Postgame Recap

Kansas coach Charlie Weis talked with Nate Bukaty on the radio postgame show after Kansas lost to West Virginia 59-10.
Thoughts on the game?
It got out of whack in the first half. The important thing is when you go into a game like this with a team with this kind of firepower you can't let the game get away fast. If you do that with the way we are built then you have no chance in the game.
Decision to use quarterback Dayne Crist to start the game?
We intended for the first couple of series to throw the ball so that's why Dayne was in there. We were then going to go back to the option game with Michael. I could of gone with Michael to start the game but we knew they were going to be loading up to stop the option which they did. We figured we would start the game and throw a few more drop back passes which is more suited for Dayne than Michael.
How would you sum up this season?
I have no comment on that right now. You are asking me to review 12 games and the only thing on my mind is getting back to recruiting and making sure we get more players in here.