Weis QA after Oklahoma game

Charlie Weis just met the media following the Oklahoma game. Here is part of the Q&A from his press conference.
On using Montell Cozart:
We planned on using him against the wind when we knew we were going to be running the ball. We tried to give us a little extra because we knew there was going to be about a 14 mile per hour wind. The wind was rather significant in the passing game was going to be efficient. That's how we planned on utilizing him.
Obviously you put him in on the first play and you go for a chunk of yards and get a holding penalty it kind of skews that one right off the bat. Then he rushes for nine on the first play. I think it was good for him to get his feet wet because we're obviously going to need to use him or as we go forward.
On the defense:
Every game we played they have played tough. They hung in there today and gave us a chance and get some turnovers. They gave us a chance against a good Oklahoma team you get it to a one score game and that gives you a chance to win.
On pass plays for Cozart:
I don't remember the script. If you ask him he had passes in the game plan but we didn't throw it very much on the day. It didn't surprise me that we didn't call a pass when he was in there. It wasn't like we went into the game plan and all he was doing was running.
We just felt going against the wind it wasn't going to be a passing day. As the game played out after you know who wins the coin toss we were going to use him in the second quarter and again in the third quarter. And then see where we went.
On going away from the passing game like last year:
I can honestly tell you I can't rule that completely out. I will have to wait and see where we are obviously when you throw for 20 yards in a college football game I don't care if you are playing the 85 Bears that is not acceptable. We go week by week to figure out what gives us the best chance. Today we felt it should be ball control. We had some plays that we didn't even get to in the pass game because the other ones weren't working and there was no reason to get to those.
On decision to play Montell:
Jake played pretty well in the first quarter. It was then we decided we were going to use him. We weren't going to just throw him to the wolves and say okay this is Oklahoma you are now the starter. We intended to use him in the game and now any butterflies that he might have those things have come and gone. It makes it a lot easier to progress from there in use him on a much more in depth basis.
On the offensive line staying the same from last week:
We were hoping to see that. We were hoping to see progress from last week to this week with those guys playing together. I thought that they played with a lot of physicality inside. Really I think that the stem of the offensive problem comes from not being efficient in the pass game and they can bring more and more people up close, now it becomes tougher to run the ball. You have to be able to complete some passes to take the pressure off the run game. Our passing game didn't fire me up too much.
They were bringing corner blitzes and started bringing the safeties down close because they dared us to pass. At the end of the game when we were in a spread they just backed off and played cover four.
You can sit there and blame the quarterback but you say why was there a sack? Who caused the drop ball? It is across the board in something that we will continue to work on because it is just not good enough right now.
On special teams:
We didn't have our best day punting, we didn't have our best day covering, we didn't have our best day on special teams and we need to. If we're going to win we need to have a good day on special teams. We can't have plays like that. Actually the smartest play of the game might have been Pardula kicking the ball out of the end zone.
On the turn-around from last year with the defense:
I think that the number of guys that have helped us coming in combined with older, returning players that had a chip on their shoulder has been a good combination for us on defense. We have gotten a lot of help from the guys coming in and some of those guys that some people had written off have played considerably better.
In the locker room after the game:
One of the things I did in the locker room when I talk to the team after the game I told them I want everyone who is a senior next year to raise their hand. If you really look at our team next year it is a senior team everywhere you look. I told those juniors their obligation is to make sure the seniors get their all on every single play. I made sure they know don't be playing for next year play for this year.