Weis talks after spring game

Charlie Weis met with the media following the Jayhawks spring game.
On Saturday's game:
"A lot of the guys we were hoping would show up, showed up. (There were some) questions last year: if we had a receiver that could play, and I thought that Justin McCay just had an excellent day; is (Jake) Heaps accurate, well it's pretty obvious that he's accurate. Jimmay Mundine had a couple of touchdowns, with Tony (Pierson) being used as a running back and wide receiver. Both the linebackers, (Ben) Heeney and (Jake) Love, were all over the place. I think both defensive fronts showed up today. We got a little banged up in the secondary because when Cassius (Sendish) went down early with a precautionary (injury) it caused us to do some tweaking on both teams in the secondary. I thought Michael (Cummings) playing with the second tier wide receivers and I thought he was respectable as well. I thought Brandon (Bourbon) ran hard but he laid the ball on the ground twice, that's not what we are looking for. So overall there are a lot of positive on the day."
On Justin McCay and Jake Heaps being Offensive MVP:
"Justin (McCay) has been out of playing for a couple of years because his last year at Oklahoma he didn't really play, hardly at all, then he didn't play here last year. It's good to see him way past the rust stage. Now there's some kind of communication between the two of them that's good - like the fade in the back in the end zone."
On whether he liked what he saw in his expansion of Tony Pierson's role:
"Yeah, Tony (Pierson) had a good day with the exception of the first play where we went through the swing play and we threw a swing pass to him out in the backfield to get the ball in his hands. That was about all his negatives wrapped up in one, the rest of the day you could see that every time he touches the ball in space that's a problem (for the defense)."
On Ben Heeney and Jake Love being picked Defensive MVP:
"I would think (Ben) Heeney would have been picked too but I was pleased with how athletic both guys look at linebacker. They showed up in a lot of plays. There were a lot of plays at the perimeter and very seldom were the linebackers out flanked."