Where Are They Now: James McClinton

Jayhawk Slant caught up with former Kansas defensive tackle James McClinton. He is currently a defensive lineman with the Green Bay Blizzard in the Indoor Football League.
Last year, McClinton had 8 total tackles with 2 sacks in 6 games.
McClinton on what he is doing now …
I am in Green Bay Wisconsin right now. I am still playing on the defensive line and they even had me play defensive end last year. My season was interesting. I didn't play as much as I wanted to. We went to the conference championship as a team and lost to the defending champs.
McClinton on his future chances in the NFL …
I am still thinking about the NFL and I am thinking about doing some MMA training to help me out. Not necessarily getting involved in the MMA but doing the training. The MMA training would really help me with my leverage. Defensive line is all about winning those one on one battles.
The goal is to get around a guy with quickness and different moves. The MMA training will also help with conditioning. I really like that it gives me a full body workout. I don't just like working one part of my body. It helps develop muscles that haven't been worked out in years.
McClinton on returning to Green Bay this year …
The first game in Green Bay is in February so it should be starting up pretty soon. I have three months get focused spiritually and physically. After three months if I get that itch I will go back in the IFL.
McClinton on what he wants to do after his playing days are done….
I could see myself coaching. I had an opportunity to coach this 8th grade team this season. We didn't do too good but I really enjoyed coaching. Really helping a young guy get to the level that I was. To put something into a little kid's life that is positive and to be an influence in their life.