JayhawkSlant - Daniel Kaelin, Chase Gillespie set to visit Kansas
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Daniel Kaelin, Chase Gillespie set to visit Kansas

Daniel Kaelin has been earning several offers after his freshman year
Daniel Kaelin has been earning several offers after his freshman year

The dead period ends next week, and the Kansas coaching staff is working on brining in unofficial visitors. They have a few lined up and it will start Sunday with quarterback Daniel Kaelin.

The 2024 quarterback prospect from Nebraska is already turning heads and holds offers from Nebraska, Florida State, and Arizona State.

Kaelin confirmed to Jayhawk Slant he will take a visit to Lawrence.

“I just want to see what the whole university is about, to be honest,” Kaelin said. “Get the overall feel, I think is important, just see the campus and facilities, and if I can see myself there. I want to see the culture surrounding the coaching staff and the players.

“Being able to meet the new staff, build a relationship with them, and see what they're all about. That's probably the biggest things that I'm looking for on this visit.”

Kaelin works out with trainer Yano Jones who is familiar with some of the new coaches on the Kansas staff. Jones talks highly of the new staff and Kaelin will get a closer view of the program on Sunday.

“I haven’t gotten to know them yet, but I've definitely heard a lot of good things,” he said. “One of my trainers and mentors (Jones) up here in Omaha knew the coach there and has talked to a few of them. And he's told me a lot of really good things, that they're really high culture guys, and just really good coaches.”

Kaelin continued: “And I've also heard that their coaching staff runs more of a pro-style offense, which is something that I'd be interested in. And it's kind of like my playing style. I've only heard good things so far about the staff, so I'm excited.”

It has been a good summer for Kaelin who is receiving Power Five interest all over the country and just finished up his freshman year. He started seeing the interest from college coaches before he got to high school.

“It's been really exciting to be honest,” he said. “Ever since middle school, I've been seeing recruiting starting earlier and earlier and seeing people get early offers. It's something I've looked forward to and worked for, so to see it happening is really, really exciting and satisfying. It's pretty cool so far.”

Tallahassee running back Gillespie will visit on Tuesday

Florida running back Chase Gillespie will take an unofficial visit to Kansas a couple days after Kaelin. He will fly into Kansas City with his mother for a Tuesday visit.

Kansas running backs Jonathan Wallace has been staying in constant communication with the Tallahassee Godby prospect.

“I talk to Coach Wallace all the time,” Gillespie said. “Our relationship is good. He will text me and at least one time a week, we get on the phone. He will send me edits and we will take about stuff that helps me to improve my game.”

Recruiting Gillespie is a good match for Wallace since he also recruits Florida and would be his position coach.

“He liked that I'm a versatile running back and said that I could play anywhere on the field,” he said. “I just don't have to be in the backfield, and I can line up at the slot and catch the ball.”

Gillespie said he has received some messages from Lance Leipold on social media and recently sent him an edit. He is looking forward to meeting the Kansas coaches on the visit.

“I'm looking forward to seeing the all the facilities and the school,” Gillespie said. “I was going to major in Business, so I scheduled a meeting with them to talk about that.”

He has taken visits to Tulane and Appalachian State. He will travel to East Carolina after his trip to Kansas.

“I’m looking for a place that feels like home,” he said. “I’m looking for a school that is going to help me get my degree because football won’t last forever.”

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