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Bear Anderson will start his slate of visits with Kansas

Jarra Anderson is getting ready to start a tour of official visits and it will begin with Kansas.

Anderson who goes by the name Bear, has been talking with Kansas assistant coaches Jordan Peterson and Jim Panagos.

Peterson started recruiting him and when Panagos joined the staff he helped as the position coach. Anderson said his relationship has been solid with both coaches.

“We have a really good relationship and I felt like it just grew stronger throughout the time that we've been talking,” he said.

Anderson has been staying in contact with Jordan Peterson and Jim Panagos
Anderson has been staying in contact with Jordan Peterson and Jim Panagos (

Peterson recruits the area and Panagos coaches the defensive tackles.

“Coach Peterson is a really cool guy, and I really like him and the vibe he gives off,” Anderson said. “Coach Panagos is a good coach and has a defense that he's going to build. If I’m going to be a part of the defense he's trying to build, I would be in the position that I want to be in.”

One thing Panagos has told Anderson is the fact he likes how many different positions he can play along the line.

“He told me he likes that I can be a hybrid d-Lineman going from a zero tech all the way out to a five tech,” Anderson said. “He told me he likes my twitch and my ferocity off the line. He said I'm fast and quick to the ball.”

[Anderson talks about his nickname "Bear"]

This will be Anderson’s first official visit and what will be a busy ending to the month.

“I just want to get a feel of the city and the school and all the players and just the atmosphere of KU football,” he said.

Following his trip to Kansas he will take official visits to Colorado and Washington State. He does not have a specific time where he will make decision but will use all his visits to compare each school.

“I’m looking for that place that feels like home,” he said. “Because that's where I'm going to be for the next three to four years. So, I want to have that place that I can call home and it feels that way.”