Spencer set to arrive early

Colin Spencer committed early to Kansas and never wavered. Even after a strong showing the The Opening and posting one of the top SRARQ scores Spencer always stayed true to the Jayhawks.
During the season he was talking to Kansas assistant Reggie Mitchell and the subject came up about enrolling early.
"I thought about it during the season," Spencer said. "I didn't want to do it unless the coaches wanted me there. When I talked to them they did (want me there). So I talked to my counselor and I only needed two more credit hours."
After Spencer gathered all the information he said he was patient not to rush into the decision. But once he thought through things he was ready to make the move to Kansas.
"I did my online courses," he said. "I I stayed there wouldn't be much to do. I could run track. I decided it would be more productive if I went to Kansas early. I can start college and get in the groove of going to class and working out. As far as the football side goes it gives me a chance to get going before everyone else. I can learn the system before we have to go through two-a-days."
Spencer said he will arrive a day early before a scheduled team meeting on January 20.
"I'm excited to get there," he said. "If I stayed here I felt I might regret it later."
In his career Spencer has played everything from cornerback to quarterback to wide receiver. It will be interesting to see what side of the ball he plays on for the Jayhawks.
"I was recruited as a corner," Spencer said. "Coach (Dave) Campo wants me on defense. But coach (Charlie) Weis said he plans on stealing me."